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  2. Darn it. That means my Vermilion team will never match. I never new what 2.2 meant in your chart but now I know "...and knowing is half the battle!". Thank you both for the info!
  3. I'm in for one, he looks like a fine addition to the big six. I'm glad Mezco is doing this guy, and their own original Wonder Woman as well. I didn't want Mezco movie Justice League figures, I wanted a JL made up of their original takes on these DC characters, the movie versions don't do much for me.
  4. Where can i get 5his and how much..please send a link...and the sv2 also... Kuma makes any figure look better..idk man...its like magic
  5. This too. People are shitfrakks, and like the Joker, some just want to watch the world burn. I'm avoiding all forums except this one, people are being dicks and posting screen caps and text spoilers on random sites, in random articles, about random unrelated topics. Stay vigilant people.
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  7. HardlyNever

    Hi-Metal R

    No payment request or anything from AmiAmi. This item went missing on their website after their site maintenance. I'd like to think they are related, and it is just some glitch, but I guess we'll find out soon. Luckily, I have one at NY as a back-up.
  8. She volunteered to go to the future - she literally jumped at the chance - and said she had “no one for (her) here,” so there’s a reasonable chance she had no children in the normal timeline.
  9. Where are the big gaudy pictures of the girls to plaster all over the plane? These decorative schemes do look pretty, but I want some stupid stupid itasha with their face plastered all over everything!
  10. Smacky

    Hi-Metal R

    Anybody get a payment request from AmiAmi? For some odd reason, it's not listed on their site anymore and when I try to go to the link from my order history it comes up "item not found."
  11. That’s how I feel too for the most part. I do really like TFA, but loath TLJ. While I do see and acknowledge glaring issues with the prequels, I can still watch them and find enjoyment in them. I just can’t with TLJ. Easily the extreme bottom of my SW movie rankings. I don’t begrudge anyone’s personal tastes or preferences, though. Anywho, I still love SW and hope for a good fun movie. I liked the teaser, something I did for TFA trailers and ironically didn’t for TLJ. Chris
  12. I’ll take some comparison pictures for you this evening. IIRC, the main body is metal while the wings, antenna, weapons ect are plastic. It has a light heft to it. Not a lot, mind you, but a little. Chris
  13. Surprisingly ahead of their usual time, Hasegawa already uploaded pictures of the Kaname's colorful bird.
  14. Does anyone know if there a good way to monitor Amazon Japan pages via Distill? I have been getting errors or notifications every minute.
  15. Wallets everywhere breathed a sigh of relief hehe Did they offer a specific date?
  16. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    2 more days till the 1D releases! Please be evenly colored!
  17. https://gematsu.com/2019/04/the-ninja-warriors-once-again-launches-for-ps4-switch-in-july-in-japan
  18. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    It's a farce! Like if they really like to sell sale items just do it 1st come 1st serve luck of the draw.
  19. Uuuh you mean you don't know what it is you're writing or the other guy doesn't know what he's writing?
  20. MECHA The VF-31A "Kairos" is not there? I was under the impression the toy was doing better than Delta units. MUSIC Obelisk?
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