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  2. Thank you. I tried to match the original line art: http://www.macross2.net/m3/m3.html I think I'll eventually re-do the SV51's canopies because they are closer to orange than yellow.
  3. Thanks Yes, it works better for me than Gunze's
  4. And big mistake in Justin's part (I'm not referring to the Woodstock, Ontario singer), he legalized marijuana pot stores which are exploding up here North of the 49th parallel. Edit: Incorrect grammar used earlier.
  5. Today
  6. Well, the days of real spaceship scifi on SyFy are over. The latest two shows sound dreadful (Haunted House Realtors.) or most likely a dud considering their last Zombie show. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/the-surrealtor-day-of-the-dead-syfy-originals
  7. It has nothing to do with being current or trending. It's about Robotech fans being desperate to have SOMETHING to convince themselves Robotech hasn't kicked up its heels and died. Robotech's "owners" have once again given up on developing a continuation of the animated Robotech series after a string of embarrassing failures. As in the 90's, the only signs of life from the brand are a handful of fourth-rate licensees putting out a trickle of embarrassingly poor-quality merchandise that fans of any competently-run franchise would've laughed out of town. Even though the quality is insultingly low, Robotech fans will still buy it and even sing its praises to each other even if they don't actually want it or privately think it's trash just because it's SOMETHING Robotech-branded... and therefore proof that Robotech isn't dead yet. They buy things like that to validate their faith in the brand.
  8. Looks cool lol. They're really working the androgynous look there with Alto pulling down his flight suit No Roy or Isamu.. but at least there's the VF-1A Skull squadron tease!
  9. What? A clip show already??? "Shades of Grey" here we come!
  10. Photo gallery from today's popup shop. https://www.decultureshock.com/oshare-macross-gaiden-macross-boys-2-popup-shop/
  11. Yeah. I mean, the tank looks more cohesive, but at the cost of an even more ridiculous partsforming tank barrel, while the bulk of the figure looks like it's still mostly Siege Megs.
  12. Poor Rex: The losses of his brothers keeps mounting, and he has give up his helmet for Anakin’s . . . umm . . . booty calls. Guess we can also give Obi-Wan a new nickname: Kencockblocker. Other than the amusing bits above, this ep was kinda too by the numbers for my taste. Hopefully, it wraps up by next episode. Need to get to Order 66.
  13. Not exactly Macross, but not exactly not - trailer for a new Amazon Prime series, "Tales from the Loop":
  14. some of us live in Canada, so YES
  15. This thread is seriously derailed and this troll is just being stupid. Where are the mods when you need them to end this and strike down with the mighty....
  16. Yes. But my main question was for the YF-25. It doesn't have slots or holes. It would probably need yet another adapter style. Thanks mate!
  17. This is very cool, thanks for sharing!
  18. Indeed, someone needs to tell them Flush rivets have been a thing since the 20's guys... this one looks even MORE lie it was designed in a soviet tank-factory... but it's an HG license, so that tracks.
  19. Printer re-calibration is always a chore - that reminds me, I'm overdue for a "catastrophic failure". Yes, a set of detailed pictures and measurements will do (preferably in metric). Any help this project can get is highly appreciated! Although, I've seen an incomplete set of strike packs up close recently - it'll be a pretty involved job getting all the measurements. I think the only unique armor parts are the backpack parts? I'll need at least the complete beam cannon side of the booster unit, and a missile pod. And while we're at it, I was thinking of making retro-style UUM-7 parts.
  20. Well, yes. But that's beside the point Agreed. And moving on. Very excited about the DYRL VF-1A skull squadron tease. But I think a VF-1S Roy should come before that.
  21. I think this one has jumped the shark. It was entertaining for a bit, but I think we crossed the fun-to-annoying threshold.
  22. Very nice collection. I like your panel lining and colored canopies.
  23. I have not yet got round to printing the gun-pod. Found out my printer was out of alignment and needs all re jigging as the thing looks like its been that way for a while. just not had the spare small person free time to do this. Regarding the Strike parts. is it just that you need some photos for scale and such. If that's the case I'm sure I can help out, just let me know , I pulled one of my 1/55 boxes out of storage the other day and there should be at least one set of Strike Armor in there. I do have at least one of each type in my collection, some are cast some are originals, even have several sets from the cheap bootlegs that are sold on blister packs. Just let me know if I can help out, I should be able to set something up and get scale photos that can be used for measurements.
  24. What is even happening here? Have y'all been doing drugs again?
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