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  2. Maybe that's a good price but there's too many hoops to go through to spend that kind of money. I could buy several other things in the meantime much easier and much faster Macross is not my only hobby/interest, I have other 'mouths' to feed. Sorry Kawamori
  3. Good hunt, hope you can secure a Max on release date!!!! I'm not going to collect the whole line, I will pass Max. I was lucky enough to secure Hikaru's 1J at MSRP and now his 1S. I also want a CF and Roy, will try my luck during PO with these.
  4. After being on a minor Macross hiatus, I have been sufficiently reminded of how pricey this hobby can be! If you have some catching up to do....yikes! Just these past 2 weeks I have ordered up: 1) 2 new VF-0S PF (I had one non-PF from a couple of years back) 2)1 Reactive armor set for the 0S 3)1 PF Max 1J 4)1 Non-PF Max 1J 5)1 Hi-Metal R 1D 6)Still have my eyes set on a PF Roy 1S (because 3 non-PF Roys is still not enough) That is even before the shopping spree I went on at NY with the DX stuff. I am too ashamed of my behavior on that front to volunteer any more details.
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  6. You just did. Star Wars,Tron, Action Force, MOTU, Thundercats, Other World, and Fisher Price X-Ray people. Also V but we never had the toys here.
  7. Tamashii Web Exclusives: Spider-Man Stealth Suit [Spider-Man Far From Home] January 2020 release June 28, 2019 preorder Y7150 https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000135495/ Scarlet Witch [Avengers Infinity War] January 2020 release June 28, 2019 preorder Y6600 https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000135485/
  8. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Very nice perspective shot. We demand the regult scout bandai!! Or any other regult variations which i cant thk of right away...
  9. I love this thread, but my only wish would be for people to reply without quoting. Just on this page, there are literally (4) copies and (1) original of derex3592's Christmas picture. By the way, nice to meet another Texan! I think my parents had that same couch. That was bad enough, now take a look back at the people who have quoted someone with (6) pictures. haha If they were all removed, the thread count would probably be cut in half and make this thread much easier to browse. I suppose it would be easy to edit your posts so the duplicate pictures aren't included. (wink wink) From this point (although it's a bit too late), let's all do our best to reply without including the same pictures we just finished looking at, let alone four times. haha Thanks!
  10. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    Not if I can help it. As much as possible, I shoot my toys under actual sunlight, against a real sky.
  11. Y32250?! Wow! https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/28337-super-dimension-fortress-macross-dx-chogokin-movie-vf-1s-valkyrie-ichijou-hikaru-custom.html
  12. Convectuoso: Yes, I'll ask around to see where I can find a good quality digital scanner for my decal collection. What is the preferred/recommended optical resolution in pixels that I should look for? (The higher the better of course.) I only have a four in one for home use, so the scanner is primarily for documents. Bolt: Congratulations on your 1/72 Monster, looks awesome! sh9000: Amazing 1/100 resin kit collection, thanks for sharing, they look to be in great condition!
  13. Hey, I only did that once! I needed some milk, and was learning as I went.
  14. Ina lin

    Roecosplay cosplay

    Some cosplay image from Rolecosplay
  15. I never got any of those toys But i did get a kick @ss xwing. oh and that horrible broken Grimlock knock off, that immediately broke... granted, it was a pretty good knock off, but it broke on me. It wasn't until several years later when i found out it was a knock off. I wonder if my parents paid full price for that thing.
  16. @Otaku Square thanks for the clarity. I'm from SG. but I just placed a Preorder for the 02 from you guys.
  17. We currently only offer orders under upfront payment, we are looking into offering other payment schemes in the future however this is unfortunately not something we can offer at the moment.
  18. This got me worrying. My collection is not in a sunroom. I try to make sure that is no direct sunlight hitting any toy. But there should be plenty of reflected light from walls and the floor. I will need to step up my plan to install UV screen on all window.
  19. Oh no, not Iron Eagle. I have to say though, with the current superhero fetish, the US Military has taken a backseat. I do hope TG2 helps to make things more interesting again with military oriented action movies.
  20. I was hesitance and missed the first markup at NY. Now my order is from eBay. Have zero assurance compared to NY. NY seems to come through (from what I read here), even if they are a bit slow sometimes.
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