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  1. Thank you for your answers. That's great, perfect gift for my upcoming birthday next month. In italy we got Orguss II dubbed but the original series was never imported. I know, weird. The only reason i was looking at amazon japan it's because i had no clue it was also available on .com. The price would be very similar, with the yen so low it's a great deal anyway. Thank you both, for your input. You made my day!
  2. Hey everyone, I was checking out this Orguss Blu-ray edition on amazon japan but i wasn't able to understand what kind of dubbing and subititles comes with. Some reviews are saying that some of the episodes are dubbed while others have only subtitles(english? not sure about that). Can someone help me out? is it worth buying? Does Orguss (the first one) have a western edition with english subtitles or completely dubbed? Thank you. https://www.amazon.co.jp/Super-Dimension-Century-Orguss-Blu-ray/dp/B0998HL5CG/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=99F5VVRELLIU&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.WYhBB-pty3M_Di1t_xTsnKtFdQBK77B8xanPX8Ff8kZQkpyuPQp5kIQvT2yAFl3O5BWiZNKtxvQHRE9Rx0mVAUfPJRYCsoPEVQLF_lFqbsN5_s_wMnj0T1ntuTKIDMYgaWP2RtGSgfBP_aNwFymVLHjgXMNRdFspVUcBLX-FpCatDldVDB7invZ_dfQELNIIKTHZqJKMTsB6HvAi87E-uKv-F5gYeM0ASvEZ_4az1ZIbyFTkD86QF24uAKljLZkusMjL_QsBRknf2hkGPo3n8qT60H-31i8N_36jOuA-oW8.i526UKh62OlccIM83dA4MpRG8fwZZ5zwpDltae2Vn9Y&dib_tag=se&keywords=orguss&qid=1717942159&sprefix=orguss%2Caps%2C935&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&psc=1&smid=A2LMLRIGIUUU2N
  3. Thank you, i am a bit relieved. At first i thought "hacker attack" and i got scared. I have so many pre-orders that it would be a disaster if something happens to them. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch.
  4. Did anynone get their shipping notice for the sentinel reissue of the Stig Mospeada figure? It seems like it was pushed to june but some sites have already it in stock. Also, i pre-ordered it from anime export and since this morning i am not able to do the log in on my account or send a message to them...kinda weird...
  5. Gundam 0080 war in the pocket italian blu ray release. Finally after more than 30 years i can watch this masterpiece in my own language. I had the chance to watch it for the first time in '92 when i was twelve, in japanese with no subtitles and despite not understanding a single word it was a shock.Then i watched it when i was in my early 30s with italian subtitles and i still bursted into tears. Now i am almost 44, i am slowly rewatchcing it but i still wish with all my heart that the ending would change. But i know it won't.
  6. Thanks, the video looks awesome, it really made me want to pre-order it right here right now. Too bad we will probably have to wait untill the end of the golden week in order to do that. Anyway i am pretty sure they already showed the prototype of the Gs but my real hope is to finally be able to get my hands on a Shin Getter 3 toy. It's always been of my favourite Getter and i have been waiting for one for more than 20 years after Aoshima stopped releasing the Shin series in 2002.
  7. it looks more like an expensive bandai full action rather than a high end model like the previous ones from Pose+. And i think that is just awesome, great posability and plenty of accessories, hopefully they will also release the Gs and the shin ones. That would save me a lot of room and money.
  8. Quick update from Italy. Crunchyroll just uploaded the entire Genesis Climber Mospeada series here in my country. It's subbed not dubbed but it doesn't really make a difference to me. Hopefully this is a good sign that we will be getting soon all the other Macross shows and eventually southern cross too. Fingers crossed.
  9. That's great! Mr.Hobby is my favourite brand for top coats. I think their top coats are the best ones. Thank you!
  10. Thanks, i never really looked into that UV top coat because i never had any yellowing problems with my gundam model kits. I always thought that the plastic Bandai uses for its Gunpla were made...of something different Now i know it's not like that and will definitely look for it. Do you, by any chance, remember the brand of it?
  11. Hey everybody, today it's sunday and i used a little bit of my free time to take some puctures of my Dijeh RE 100. I actually built this kit few years ago right after it was released but only lately i did some extra work on it. I put some extra decals on and add a layer or two of top coat. Unfortunately i noticed that it's one of my few gunpla (actually maybe the only one) who yellowed a little bit...it's a real shame since it seems like it's becoming a hard kit to find and I don't think Bandai is going to reprint it soon. Anyway i hope you like lens flare!
  12. I agree 100%. I don't mind waiting as long as in the end the quality of the final product is high. Let's cross our fingers that this will be the case
  13. The alpha fighter prototype you see in these pictures is not a toynami product but it's a Pose+ product. They are a great brand, i own most of their super robots toys and they are awesome. They are pretty slow though and, in the last few months, they showed other prototypes of other robots that will probably be released earlier than this. So considering the pace of their releases, i think it's probably going to take at least a couple of years.
  14. Well, from what i remember both the VF-25 cf and the VF-31 kairos do have aircraft numbers on them. Which makes it kinda difficult to add extra decals to differentiate the VFs. Unless you took out the original markings, find the right decals and applied them instead of the Bandai ones. But honestly it's mission impossible. If there are no aircraft numbers it's muche easier to buy multiple copies and put different marking numbers on them. To me it never made sense to have two Kaiors both with the O3 aircraft number. Clearly this is not a isssue for custom VF, like Alto, Hayate or Hikaru.
  15. Thank you. When(???) Bandai will release it without any QC problems i could buy multiples and put some waterslide decals on them. It would be a great solution, i wish Bandai would have done that also for the other CF VF they released so far.
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