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Strike a pose, anything goes!


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I found a nice sky background at Michaels today, and I've been meaning to snap a pose of my new Rahxephon figure.  I was planning to do the iconic drawing bow pose, but then I thought, "this is a Japanese show, why isn't this giant robot drawing the bow in the proper kyudo style."  I can't replace the bow with a properly shaped yumi, but I did pose him mid draw of a kyudo inspired style (and yes, the arrow is in line with his feet).  I took several angles, but I'm not sure which is my favorite...




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Wow. Great poses everyone.

This not much of a pose but I recently picked up these two JW OS Ratchet and Ironhide for a really sweet price and I must say they are far superior to the MP versions. I wish WJ would consider making Jazz or Soundwave in OS formats.


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