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  1. Where did I say I don't like critical comments or hearing others opinions? Exactly I didn't. I actually said the complete opposite by thanking Squid for giving his opinion (scroll up). Therefore there is no "absolute hypocrisy". There are quite a few people on this forum and others that hang out and bash the IP talked about for various reasons. I WILL hangout wherever I choose to 😃 If you want to further discuss this please DM, I dont want to derail this thread of Mospeada any further. Thank you!
  2. Whatever happened to the old adage, "be grateful for what you have"? If you feel Sentinel or any other company is not offering you a quality product for your dollar then simply do not buy their products. Not sure why anyone that does not like the product that is being offered would hang around in a forum dedicated to that product (there are quite a few in here)?
  3. I appreciate your opinion. Considering all of the R&D Sentinel had to do not to mention two out of the four releases were during a pandemic (prices remained the same) I would say what Sentinel is pricing their toys at are very fair if not a steal (not to mention you get diecast parts along with very nice paint.). Could anything be better? Of course they can, but at what cost? If you or any other company could make me something better than what Sentinel produced for $160 shipped to my door, please let me know I'll buy a few sets.
  4. That is really a bummer. Out of eight ride armors (two of each) I have had only one breakage (Yellows left mirror peg) thankfully it's not too bad and i can still transform into both modes easily (but I dont, hence two of each). This toy is really something special. Fantastic design and execution although it's their interpretation and not 100% cartoon accurate).
  5. Exactly! I'm just happy to have them. All complete with two sets. The design, engineering and overall look is beautiful. My two should be here Monday or Tuesday. Very excited!
  6. Hopefully its not a glitch. I finally got one 5 minutes ago, but have been trying to add to my cart since 6:45 CA USA time.
  7. I'm thinking for me it's a bit of both, especially with COVID. The hunt is always thrilling as well. Once we have it, onto the next. Since my collection has grown significantly (for me) I often wonder what I'm chasing or searching for.
  8. Ya, I hear you. When you get to the route of this issue that/those individual(s) have the problem and not I/us. When you dig even further there are even deeper routed issues within those person(s) that stem from childhood they never dealt with. Probably some form of control issue. Human beings act out of two basic emotions, FEAR and LOVE. When I see I have gone against the grain with someone I recgonize that they aren't where they need to be, yet. To me it is all LOVE. I welcome all the comments. There are no positive and negative comments. Its all about perspective and how you process information. Great to hear from you! =)
  9. Hey, I associate it how it was presented to me, in Robotech form. I"m in the pit, everyone come in the water is warm! =) It's odd because I refer to Stig vs Scott and Yellow vs Lance in Mospeada. Odd.
  10. Yup, NY got me with Max 1A last year. I learned my lesson. I'd rather wait until release day and look for one. I know it wont be $190, but I'm banking on finding one around $250-$300. Which is fine by me. Then only TV Kakizaki and I can close this chapter. Unless they do some of Rick's other vehicles (not the VF1-S; originally piloted by Roy).
  11. NY is now sold out. Do we think they just pulled it down because it wasn't selling or sold a few at that price and will put up again at 40,000Y+?
  12. I'm doing the same. Thought about just going with NY and not worrying about it (I did that with Max last year), but this time I'll just wait.
  13. I'd rather pay a little extra from NY knowing they will come through. I've never had any issues with them with numerous orders/preorders. Plus they have cancelled a couple of items in the past without cancelling my account, which is unheard of.
  14. Anyone who got an extra Roy that doesn't need or want it I'll offer you $250 shipped. PM me. Thank you
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