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20 hours ago, recon said:

If its a full cloth version, im sure you will be tempted

mg-crossbone-gundam-full-cloth (1).jpg

To be honest, out of all the Crossbone variants, this one I like. But still, it's pass for me. ^_^

13 minutes ago, Shukenzero said:

Amiami won’t load. It’s gone.

The preorder hasn't started yet. And the page is still showing on my browser. You still have 45mins. You just need to delete all your browser cookies and caches. Good luck on the PO night!

Note from AmiAmi:


For customers that are unable to see the product page
Jul 27, 2018
We have been contacted by several customers regarding issues with opening the product page for the items on our website. After investigating the issue, it has been confirmed that clearing your browser cookies should in most cases fix the issue. Please note that any items currently in your cart/watch list will be lost when clearing your cookies. We apologize for any inconvenience caused from this.


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26 minutes ago, Shukenzero said:

@no3Ljm thanks for that dude. I’m not sure if I really want it but I guess it’s better to get it and wait for the fullcloth add on in case they don’t release it as a full unit.

You're welcome. Glad it worked out.


2 more minutes so good luck guys!




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I'm not planning on preordering it but I still tried to browse, refresh the site and see how it goes esp with AmiAmi and HLJ due to their site change. And man, I'm hating it. Not sure now how we will be able to preorder without problems in the future. :aggressive:


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