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  1. Does anyone know if the sentinel blue legioss reissue fixed those issues that the first run had? The wing flap that kept falling off, and the hip bar being out of alignment, etc?
  2. I opened a case with my credit card company, surprisingly they didn’t reject my request since its been over two years since the payment was made. They sent a bunch of forms and asked for a bunch of support, I think built a pretty convincing case. Not expecting much, but I got nothing to lose at this point.
  3. I'm pretty sure I have one in decent shape. Tried to DM you but it's not sending for some reason.
  4. Anyone else order from Nin Nin Game? No movement on my order there. I've also had to nudge them about shipping the last few orders I've had with them, otherwise they'd be in preparing to ship status forever.
  5. My store credit refund voucher was close to expiring (not sure why store credit would expire, just NY things), so i decided to buy a random figuarts zero that was in stock. However, their paypal payment option was down due to site maintenance, so I couldnt check out. Eventually their system canceled my order, and the voucher is now marked as used. So now I need to try and get my voucher reissued. Been a few days, still no reply.
  6. It was a GT thing, it's non cannon now. In GT, the next power up after SSJ3 is a tamed oozaru mode. Not sure why the fur is pink because when they go full monkey they're just brown. Also he transforms into this mode from his kid form, and the pants also magically grow with him, so yeah.
  7. Doesn't feel real. Still not changing the user name though. Would sure appreciate some DYRL and M+ 4k blurays though...
  8. Just used my refund coupon on some items. It's dumb, the coupon can only be used pre-shipping and you need to spend the exact or higher amount to use it. What a joke this site's become. I might be out even more money by using these coupon codes.
  9. +1 @cypherzero, fast responses, easy transaction. Thank you.
  10. +1 @jorawar_b, he came through as promised. Thanks again.
  11. Looks like the hips on the dynaction aren’t as wide on the final vs the prototype. How much are you guys paying to ship that giant fig?
  12. Dorkside has firestar too. Nice, it comes with multiple heads, hands, and a dog too. https://dorksidetoys.com/collections/marvel/products/marvel-legends-spider-man-retro-firestar-6-inch-action-figure-pre-order
  13. Another +1 for @ssorcam, easy transaction. Thanks again.
  14. Ugh, I bit on this, I'm so weak.
  15. +1 for @RIBFIR, fast responses, quick payment, smooth transaction.
  16. +1 for @ssorcam. Communicative, friendly, and arrived early for our meetup.
  17. SSPs aside, has anyone been getting any kind of shipments from NY lately? I want to use my store cred and be done with them
  18. So, is everyone who got a cancellation on their ssp orders the result of existing tickets, or did they just drop it on you out of the blue?
  19. I think they’re one of the shops with the shitty alternative shipping options during this pandemic. I have a few things stuck with them.
  20. So they finally gave me a straight answer, they didn’t even have the stock to ship it, lovely. ”We are terrible sorry Sir we have a bad combination of receive our stock a little by little and delay in the delivery center Due to this fact we sent orders faster to slower, quantity of 1 and after 2, 3 ect.. Your order is by ferry and it's 2 products, is not priority Your order will be ship for this moment I cannot tell you exactly “
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