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Mission 2: Ready for the Audition  

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Welcome to the Macross Delta Episode 2 Talkback Thread


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Quick recap at the moment Hayate and Freyja are shot down. Mirage saves them. Walkure continues singing.

Loyd orders the knights to pull out. Bogue doesn't like it.

Later in the aftermath Mirage punches Hayate.

At Windermere the Knights are dissatisfied. Keith talks to Loyd. If I'm gettng it right they seem to be on a schedule.

Hayate and Freyja boarding a yellow freighter arrives to Ragna. Ragna has an Island class at the bay. Sea Cats everywhere which Hayate is alergic. A bunch of kids try to sell Freyja a cat wrist gadget like Ranka's frog phone.Oh Ragna is home of merpeople.

They go to the auditions where they meet Chuck and Mirage. Chuck took a bite of a Windermere apple.(Death Flag?)

Lots of cute girls trying out. Hayate is asked to meet Arad.

Freyja is monitored for Fold Wave strength like other girls and analyzed by Walkure.

Arad and Messer talk to Hayate.

Freyja seeming failed is sent home on a train. News reporter reports Var outbreak. One guy goes berserk. Freyja falls down terrified but her player plays Halation the War. She starts singing it.

Freyja passes the secret test. Other passengers were Walkure and staff disguised with holography. Freyja gets her holographic uniform like in DYRL with Hikaru and MMinmay.

Hayate gets convinced to join admiring a VF-31. Mirage shouts not to touch it. It's hers.

As for the OP Hayate and Mirage seems to be the second coming of Max and Millia. Aerial Knights as shown with Keith do have helmets but holographically hidden like with Brera and the VF-27.

ED has Freyja as a schoolgirl in a classroom.

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Hayate/Mirage = Max/Millia the OP confirms so hard .

We're all getting faked out and they aren't even a real triangle.

Also I really liked the ED. One of my main worries about the show was that the music wouldn't mesh with me, I mean...Yokko Kanno is a really tough act to follow!

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I just watched the Opening Sequence. Except for like the last 20 seconds where you see Valkyries flying around it doesn't have the familiar appearance of being a Macross show. Seems like the Opening Sequence for a few different shows all edited together to make one. I'll have to watch the entire episode later.

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I'm loving it so far. More than most of the other Macross series... but 2 episodes in. I lost a lot of the enthusiasm towards the end for Frontier, so I'm hoping this one holds up all the way thru. But I'm diggin' it.

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