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  1. I'm already seeing Bogue as the Knight to question his beliefs and maybe switch sides when Herman bites it. BoguexFreyja soon. Would like KENN to sing.
  2. Love Bogue being all tsundere from Freyja's song. He was activelt resisting the good feelings ot produced. Watch that rune glow red.
  3. Most likely why they dont show their carrier because it is a Macross class ship.
  4. I actually want to see a sports Macross show where Aeronotic schools (like the one Alto was in) of different colonies compete in mock Valkyrie combat and performances. It will have no war but to show the lives of people in the colonies.
  5. I dont think Aerial Knights immature only Bogue. They are soldiers in a war that they thinj is just. Im actually expecting Hermanand Quasim as the voice of reason. The show wont paint the Windermerians as completely in the wrong. Also inevitable cute Freyja and Bogue moments they both cant control their runes. Hope Herman survives and becomes an apple farmer.
  6. Zentradi had an extremely high body count too but we are expected to just accept that they are allies now. Such is war.
  7. you don't extend chivalry to your enemies. You mistake romanticist views of chivalry compared to what it actually was during feudal times. It isn't pretty.
  8. Reina and Makina are described as being like sisters and in Asian cultures skinship is a thing, no homo really. Also gay japanese guys like being flamboyant. What you see as a caricature is par the course in Japan because they are making a statement. I mean Vash and Bobby are typical in the context of Japan.
  9. Ragna and Windemere never had a choice in alien intervention. I see Windremere and Ragna like Native Americans and Polynesians who werr visited by colonizers. No matter the intenition Spacy had bearing down on primitives is going to have severe consrquences. Windemerians probably see their own culture disappearing and assimilating to the Aliens. "uplifiting" is a more modern term of colonization.
  10. So I assume Macross fleets have no Prime Directive ala Star Trek? Seems to me Ragna and Windemere fleets just landed on pre fold civilizations and pushed their way of life on them.
  11. Maybe because Macross as a whole has human/living spirit trumps vocaloids and artificial constructs. That and Sharon Wasatch psycho AI who didn't save humanity.
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