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  1. Back in the heyday of fansubbing GG and other speed-subbers used to turn around an episode in a matter of hours (Hell they did it a couple times with Delta) But the fan subbing community has kinda gone away since it's just not that necessary any more with streaming like Crunchyroll (and CR-ripper HorribleSubs).
  2. I would also note that she's usually wearing some kinda darkish red shirt under the jacket. I'm really not sure how the jacket works since there's also the gray more skin tight part at the bottom usually too. IS that like a part of the jacket or some thing worn under it.
  3. It was the smart choice in terms of trying to hit the Windies, for sure. Everyone seems to think the Windermere forces were not steamrolling the entire cluster with mindcontrol at a rate far beyond what Xaos was capable of dealing with. The whole point is that this was a last-hope desperation kind of plan where the other options were "Run away and nuke our planet into the total unknown" or "Wait for them to be even more powerful and fight them here" Lets divide pros/cons into what we know before the episode and after so we're not so clouded by hindsight. Before: Can't sing more than once in about 24hours - They just used it, this is the best time possible according to the previous encounters. Waiting at Ragna means a sure-lose situation against the fully buffed Windies. Can't hit the home planet - Windies brought all their guns to the fight at an accessible location presenting an opportunity they've never seen. Bombing the ruins is a complete unknown - Yes, they seem to be the primary Windie target. There's no reason to believe destroying them wins the war (The windies are already winning even without these ruins) it goes all the way down the the core and has unknown ramifications. Protoculture ruins are russian roulette of space-evil. It's clearly a final option once you've exhausted the others, not a preventative measure. Given these things it makes a ton of sense to postpone bombing the ruins. You have no idea what'll happen if you do and you have a chance at winning the war if you strike. The bomb just prevents them from reaching one catastrophic goal - Windermere has been winning the war hanidly, with or without Ragna's ruins. Plus, if the battle at Al Shahal goes bad you can still blow the bomb up. After the episode: The 24hour safe time was wrong - Intelligence was wrong. Ranga was toast whatever Xaos did. Hindsight says they should have packed up and fled and blown up the bomb (but the bomb would have been in vain, see subsequent point). Windie precognition - not much you can do about that, it's a pretty big Windie advantage. Walkure wasn't enough to keep NUNS forces from turning throughout most of the fight. Windie forces were winning, even without the song amp being inoperable for some time. (something that would not have been the case w/o The Elysion's attack - no attack the Windies get to go in with full song amp, full dimension barrier and monster brainwashing power) Bombing the ruins did not do what was said on the tin - It didn't ruin the Windies' day, might have even helped them. It also turns out that NUNS had an ulterior motive. Critically he notes the bombing went as was predicted. The implication is, very clearly, that he wasn't really trying to help and acting under other motivations. All that basically means, regardless of what Ernest did, they would have lost. Elysion staying at Ranga would have done nothing except allow the SV time to come in when it was ready to rock and steamroll the planet. Plus blowing up the ruins looks like it might have actually hurt the good guys
  4. Most of the main three have been pretty low-key in the last couple with their development more background to the Messer story. You can tell though that Hayate and Mirage are developing a pretty good work-buddy kind of relationship in the last couple episodes. They're paired up in most of the scenes I'm recalling. I just hope Mirage doesn't get damsel-ed much/anymore. She's supposed to be a decent pilot at least but she's mostly been in trouble or like "I need to keep up"
  5. Keith's would probably have died of old age by now, either way. We don't really know how young Winders usually have kids, but Freyja is allegedly on the older side of typical marrying age. So they probably deal with 30-ish year old parents around the mid/late teens.
  6. You're missing my point and what you're saying here agrees with me. My point was "It's not important for the show to tell us exactly how it happened". Retrieving the valk is easy given what we know about the world's technology and the details don't matter to the story they're trying to tell.
  7. I get the argument hat we should probably have seen how last episode's battle finished. But what happened to Messer's VF is easily inferred from the AI-anti-crash or remote control we've seen. And it's just not important.
  8. So my big prediction is that the point of scanning Ragna's ruins (a twin said something like "we can make the wind blow any time"?)is that they're going to blow them up and take the planet with. Big raising of the stakes at that point. Evacuating with the Elysion ect.
  9. I think the era where you can plan a show for 50 episodes from the beginning are pretty much over. Sure some get two series of 24, but I can't think an an anime-original since Eureka 7 that went over 20-some without being clearly broken up. Maybe some huge manga adaptation would do it. But most of those got 20-some at a time to hedge bets, even huge stuff like JoJo. Even Gundam series that are clearly designed to go for 50-some, like IBO, split it up. EDIT: I think SpaceBros ran all at once! but that was a manga.
  10. I agree about Messer. It's exactly like he said to Arad, he's a hard ass because he doesn't want them to get killed. But I think that's just his style, rather than something really calculated to hit for maximum effect. But I disagree about Freyja. She's plenty dedicated. But she is clearly shaken by fighting against Windermere and accusations of being a traitor or spy. She needs confidence.
  11. Like, or are kind of shoehorned into the stereotype? (It's the latter) Just like the flamboyant stereotype in the US was used until pretty recently. They certainly do exist but the character type exists as a caricature in fiction. About the only advantage to being gay in japan is that people are less likely to be vocal with homophobia...
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