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  1. Doubtful, but this second movie could just be something to appease the fans while they get more time to do pre-prod on a new series
  2. I enjoyed M2 more than i did Delta. I dont know why we cant get a story parallel to the same timeline as delta. Another planet, civil war or something. Instead of idols we have rocks bands that do their own "song of war" to get pilots amped up during battle. Opossing rocks bands going at it etc. I dunno... just anything except more Delta. PS: we need to get a discord going guys
  3. Any chance we can get a discord going?
  4. If its Walkure going on a galactic tour and we get too see new worlds,races and mecha i dont mind. Hell,give me a Walkure Earth tour and we get to see how UN Spacey is doing.
  5. MILK THAT MACROSS!!! On a more serious note, i guess its too soon to move on since Walkure is printing money at the moment. Well il see you guys once the movie drops so we can grill/praise it and maybe if were lucky we'll get that new series come 2025
  6. Anyone else get the feeling that the studio kinda went to Kawamori and said "Well... its time for another macross series, your budget is a 10th of Frontier and you got one week to do it. Thanks Shoji!!!" Hopefully he gets to tell the story he wants to in the next series.
  7. There is no way someone would pick a track that horribly produced. My guess is they're trolling
  8. The next series should not be rubbish. Thats all i want
  9. 7 is a slog to get through but i watched Dynamite 7 on a whim for the first time and i loved it in contrast to that AIDS sandwhich we call Delta
  10. Kawamori went for those easy Dolla Dolla Biils!! Animate macross the Ride and be done with it
  11. Macross 7 is a dredg to get through but at least there was mecha action, Zero was meh... Delta had a nice flow going to till ep 13, then it dropped off a cliff. Watch till ep13
  12. The only thing I will miss about delta is seeing Redwolfs summarys a few min post airing, Roy Fockers apathy towards each episode and the weekly speaker podcast. Hearing Renato's growing disinterest for the show week to week was rather entertaining Other than that Delta can go dive off a very steep and rocky cliff
  13. Perhaps the title should be "What if Delta wasn't terrible?"
  14. GUYS! What if the NUNS didnt drop a dimensional bomb but rather Basara dressed up as a bomb yelling "BOMBA!!" Personally i hope the guys who remotely dropped the bomb yelled that as it detonated. Am i evil...
  15. I have reason to believe Tochiro is moonlighting as a Walkure member while Makina heals up
  16. They can do an abridged version of the series and try tie up some lose ends but personally why even bother. None of the characters are interesting. Give us a 1yr later OVA where Mirage is captain of Delta squad, Arad is in a more senior position and Walkure is doing a planetary tour in the cluster.
  17. So can we all the agreed that D in Delta actually stands for Disappointment? I know some of you GFX gurus on here can photoshop that for me
  18. Nope... pretty much everyone lives except Roid and Keith. Freya does get more scales on her hand.
  19. Action scenes were great but they tied what lose ends they could in the time given. The best part of this episode was the vf-9 cutlass and kid Mirage. Just imagine if we had small flash backs with Max/Milia showing a young Mirage around the valks. Ultimately we didnt get to know enough about these characters well enough to care about them. Remember when the Immelman dance was a thing. Nothing announced post credits? I was too busy having a rib cracking sigh to continue watching the stream.
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