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Macross Δ (Delta) - announcement thread


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You are my hero! :)

+ 1

Unfortunately the stream is all screwed up and it shows an episode of Sailor Moon for the first 12 minutes and then abruptly switches to Macross before ending the last 2 minutes with more Sailor Moon.

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Regult-CHANs, even!

Not lyin', I laughed at that.


Almost as much as I laughed at the voice cast. Credits are rollin' along, we get to the voice cast, and suddenly THIS happens:

attachicon.gifVoice actors.png

So, ummm... yeah. That sure is a heckuva casting job there.

We explained the meaning of that in the last podcast ;-p

Also, Ikenai Borderline is already at No.6 on the Japanese iTunes Charts! (^_^)


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