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MOSPEADA 1/10 Scale Protector Inbit--interest?

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Mommar, you don't need to have the money right now, you'll have to pay when the casting starts, after the Master is ready. This will be in 2-3 months aproximately.

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Well... I can't afford it, but you've absolutely got my vote for "Man of the Year" for seriously venturing into accomplishing it!

(I'd rather have 1/55-1/48 scale Inbits by you, personally. Or 1/18 Inbits.)

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Do not be down fellas - after the Gurab perhaps there will be some momentum to continue the line of Inbits.

Maybe it will go Gosu next, then Gammo, then maybe a Scout (eager) and Protector set.

If Cap offers these possibilities I hope many will jump on and see it for the rare chance it is . . .

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