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  1. Oh I'm in. Wife is going to hate me but I'm in for one.
  2. I have never posted pics before. I usually just browse the threads checking out everyone else's work. But I just finished by Garfish and thought you guys here might appreciate it. I did a Robotech theme where the ship is crewed by micronized Zentraedi and/or their descendants after joining the RDF/REF. Hence the Zentraedi logo on the mars base symbol. I also changed the main gun to something similar to what is seen in The Shadow Chronicles.
  3. I agree with AcroRay. I would like to see an Armor space carrier or a zentraedi gunship from dyrl. More of the obscure subjects.
  4. Love this kit! Thank you Captain. The cannon alignment is proving to be a challenge for my meager skills but a good learning experience. It's going to look good next to my Eager.
  5. oh man this look like its going to be a fun build.
  6. I'm like you. I've been wanting inbit kits to go along with my human mecha kits since my teens. Thank you for this.
  7. Am just now seeing this. I would be in for one for sure. would love any inbit kits.
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