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  1. I was duped by the name and ordered from them. I hope my experience ends up the same as your prior.
  2. Received my confirmation from Ami. Goodnight.
  3. Attached are a couple of photos.
  4. I've got one, briefly displayed. Please let me know if you are still on the hunt.
  5. I have the following items up for sale: Moscato Resin Kits: King Crabb - $300 Baby Crabb - $150 Pinky $150 Nosjadeul-Ger - $350 HI Metal (Not HI Metal R) Max VF-1J MISB SOLD VF-1A DYRL Hikaru, Max, and Hayao with armor and landing gear all MISB SOLD Robotech Masterpiece - Blue Beta VFB-9H $215 All prices include shipping to the continental US. If paying through paypal please send as Friends and Family or cover an additional 4%. Offers are entertained. Please message me with any interest. Thank you.
  6. Is the premium version worth upgrading over the Yamato release? I know its old now, but I have never had any issues with it.
  7. Vermillion One

    Hi-Metal R

    What outlets are selling the Regult Variants? I found it on NY and CDJapan, but haven't seen it on HLJ
  8. I wouldn't mind if they reissued the VF-0S...and then focused on something completely new.
  9. Please PM me if you have an Arcadia VF-0S for sale. I dont care about the box, but I would prefer complete and undamaged. Thanks.
  10. I am looking for a Master Made Makuros SDF-1 figure. New preferred, but loose is fine depending on the condition of the item. Please PM if you have any for sale or trade. Thanks!
  11. Vermillion One

    Hi-Metal R

    When is the Spartan up for preorder?
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