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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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in order to breathe a little bit from the Hasegawa VF-1A building, I have started that :

The first UCAV to pancake and to be launched on/from a carrier (july 2013, CVN Bush)
Few parts, and it seems that the fittings are "lego like" :
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Some cool stuff guys! That's great Jefuemon you got to meet your favorite group! How did you manage to go about doing that?

This is actually the 3rd time I've hung out with them B)) . But since they're from Osaka, don't get a chance to see them as much as I'd like. These pics were taken at a meet and greet event before the show. I'll probably post a few more shots in the Photography thread. All of them were taking pictures of the truck, and Miki (lead singer) posted a couple of shots on her blog.

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That's cool Jefuemon! Herve, keep us up on the X-47B build. I have the Orange Hobby kit in 1/350 which has awesome details for its size. You KNOW it's gotta be a Monster - but which one is the question ;) - MT

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Praise from the masters, indeed.

No laughs here...nice work. B)) You didn't do anything different than what ILM did in the 70's with found objects. I always enjoy the "Where's Waldo" hunt to see if I can identify the parts used...like the object under the X-wing. Is that a tape measure?

It's actually a pedometer they were giving out at work. The cylinders are makeup bottle/tube caps of some type and the piece they come out of is the shell to a generic Ipod dock.


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Those came out great Zombe! You have a VERY creative mind to use for all those different bits and pieces. I remember the earlier stages of the Frazi thinking, "he's gonna need a lot of primer to cover over all those colors."

I am laughing at the pedometer though - how many laps has your T-65 made around the Death Star? :p Have you shown your co-workers what you thought of the pedometer :rolleyes: Congrats on two marvelous displays for your collection! - MT

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With some time to myself before the holidays I did some more clean up on my 1/72 Bandai vintage VF-1J. I also took some comparison shots to scrub this model against the Hasegawa Valkyrie of the same scale. The first two pics are of the same subject but of different file formats, top is .jpg and bottom is .png, I wanted to see/share the differences as was being discussed elsewhere on the site:



The feet/thrusters. I did a bit of modification to add detail and panel line recesses.


The lower legs needed lots of sanding and levelling to get them presentable.


Not as much work with these parts but still enough to justify getting out the files.


Hasegawa kit in white, which is the VF-1S Strike version.




There isn't as much scale difference as I thought initially, but still enough to make them look awkward side by side. The hase' seems skinnier.

That's all for now, maybe on to paint after the big day coming up. :)

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The vintage Bandai kit looks like the chubby stepsister of the well proportioned Hasegawa battroid. I don't mind the variable Bandai kit from way back in the day but, that battroid only kit, gets no love from me.

I just finished this bad boy. After nearly five years to the day....

Berttt, that's freaking epic! I love the sense of scale you get looking at it. It just looks huge.

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