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Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV


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AWESOME job Berttt!!! The finish and lighting on that are top notch! Ditto to what the others said about movies props. Time to make a home movie ;) Congrats on chalking up an excellent build to your collection! - MT

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Lynn Minmay ladies and gentleman! Lynn Minmay! This little character kits are deceptively easy...the painting was tricky and I didn't want to rush. Misa/Lisa is being more of a pain in the butt....LOL...typical....hopefully I can finish her up next week. Need to make a base for each as well. Enjoy!





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Thanks! Again the only real problem I had and continue to have is the horrible delicate nature of acrylic paints when airbrushed. It scratches or chips if you breath on it wrong. And my final clear coat layer sprayed on a little splotchy. Oh well. Still I'm happy with her overall, for a very old kit, it's pretty cool.

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About 6 hours of total work time on the Hasegawa VF-25, and I'm basically done with the primary build. Thankfully, not much to be done with seam-line filling and sanding. Just getting ready to start painting Ozma.




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Nice Derex! I built the Misa and lost the decals so she looks more like Little Orphan Annie (eyes wise). I recently bought the set of all four from ebay and I'm considering building them someday :rolleyes: - MT

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Finished Misa just now. She looked absolutely perfect before I decided to clearcoat with semi gloss acrylic. It was then I learned that the "permanent" fine point marker I had used to outline the blue areas melted and ran all over the place when the clearcoat hit it. I was furious. Still am. I touch up around the areas as best I could with white paint but the blue lines don't look anywhere near as crisp as they did earlier. I don't care I'm done with figure kits for the rest of my natural life. I'm going to find something to hit. The first pic is before the clear coat.and all the pics are loading wrong. Whatever . FML.





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Here is a picture of the offending brand of pen I bought from Hobby Lobby. Just so you guys know not to buy them for detailing models or anything else that you were going to use acrylic clearcoat on. The second picture is pens/markers that are perfectly safe to use and then use an acrylic clearcoat on. Hope this saves someone from making the mistake I made.



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I don't think Hobby Lobby by me carries anything but black Micron's, but I'm gonna check next time I'm there...they have a royal blue color available along with red and green according to the website... :angry::wacko::rolleyes: . Definitley will NEVER use anything but the Sakura line ever again.

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Your Misa still looks better than mine! Guess what, I did the SAME THING, only with Sharpies and rattle can laquer! That AND losing the dumb eye decals. Same thing, she's staying like she is. I wouldn't normally clear coat a figure like that (usually keeping them flat paint), but since it was for my young daughter who would probably play with her and move her around her shelves (and she does), the coat gives the paint extra life. Oh well, back to the work bench... - MT

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So I have a couple of things. I had that F11F-1 tiger, which is nearly complete, but still needs some touchups.


But the main thing I wanted to post is my Ki-61 build for Modelglue!

So I started off by painting the interior with the base colour.. I also masked the canopy and then sprayed the base first, so that you can see it through as if it was painted on the interior:


I needed a instrument panel so I found an older eduard Zoom for the hasegawa ki-61.


And here is the cockpit interior completed. I have been buying photo etch belt buckles, which I add to either paper or tape seat belts.


I shaded the inside with a bit of tamiya oil stain weathering powder to create some depth. I thought this would be the hard part... I was wrong. Upon assembling the fuselage I discovered a whole host of fit issues. The nose was particularly bad, with major gaps and oversized gun panel insert.



This is after puttying the nose.


The underside looked pretty bad as well.


So this was it pre-prime:


Primed with Mr Surfacer finishing black .... great stuff, but.],,,,,,,,


Unfortunately it was too matte in some places,leading to a grainy metal finish.


So I polished it with Tamiya polishing paste.


And this is the result:


Much better I think.

Hope you enjoyed it! more later

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