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Thanks. All I'm seeing at the Comic Walker website are two issues/chapters:

1) The 35 page chapter, with Daedalus as their first picture;

2) The 11 page recap issue with Minamay Halloween Costume.

I could've sworn there were a few more issues/chapters that should be available from Comic Walker other than the 2 that I mentioned above. I used this link:


Where do I see the issue/chapter where an SV-51 pilot girl was featured?

And where are the other issues/chapters for that matter? Thanks!

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That's because only Chapter zero (which was originally printed in Newtype Ace) and the latest (this months) chapter are free. You have to read them the month they come out to be able to do so. This is why everyone posts the heck out of each new chapter both here and on facebook when its released so that people have time to go and check it out.

Once theres a tankobon's worth of content, you can purchase the digital edition in full from ComicWalker's sister site, BookWalker. At the moment BookWalker has tankobons 1-5 of Macross the First and all of Macross 7 Trash, along with some of the Macross Frontier comedy manga. The more recent chapters presumably wont be available again digitally until the next tankobon is released.

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Looks like we were both wrong!

The latest installment came out last night (11/5).

Unfortunately, apart from the Haloween Minmei Title page, there's no real new art.

It is literally a 7 page explanation/recap of what's happened in the last couple of chapters.



I love the way the bridge bunny uniforms are colored in that pic.

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So what happened to Roy's interception? Looks like the 51 got past him.

He's launching to intercept the SV-51Σ that's coming from space, and ...

is still 6 minutes away!

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Are any fan groups continuing to translate this manga into English? I know of only two, Red Shoulders and Galaxy Network. Both of which have stopped releasing new issues and the farthest they got in the series was the first half of Vol. 2. I've been buying the physical copies released in Japan because I want to support it. Has Harmony Gold sent out C&D letters to these fan translators? Are there any groups that will pick up the series? It's a shame because there is no other manga I want to read more than this one.

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Red-Shoulders made his point pretty clearly in these two posts, especially the second...



I include the first link, though, because I had run-ins with the same group (albeit from opposite ends... he used their scans, they wanted to take my English translation, translate it into Spanish, and claim credit for the whole thing... at least according to an anonymous tip-off I got). And the guy from that group was here at MW, pestering me, insulting me, asking for advice... it was really weird.

I really go back and forth on The First. On the one hand, I like it, and I'd like to translate the whole thing (Red_Shoulders' script, while there's nothing wrong with it, just doesn't sound QUITE right to me, although I know that's my own deal, not his). On the other, as soon as I announced the translation, unsavory people came out of the woodwork to contact me about it, and it was really off-putting. Plus there's the fact that not one but TWO magazines carrying the title have died... Its not a theory, it's fact: people simply aren't supporting this title like they should.

(Usually when I mention this, someone points out, "Well, it's in Japanese! I'm not going to buy a book I can't read, so they aren't losing any sales from me. I won't buy it anyway." Which is all well and good, but begs the question of why they deserve a free, high-quality scanlation.)

I still hack away at it occasionally, but it really seems more like a chore than anything fun, because I've had to deal with so many jerks about it, and because of my own qualms about making it available.

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