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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Picked up the 1/100 VF-25F kit today, and **not entirely certain this hasn't been posted elsewere** the specs section has the following:

First Flight of the Archetypal Craft: 2057.06.24 (Shinsei Industry Test Flight Centre / Planet Eden / Lagrange Point Factory Colony L2)

On a related note: these days, the more closely I look at them, the more inaccurate the Master File books are starting to appear. >.< Don't those books' writers look at any other Macross information? Or are they just making it up as they go???

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regardless of where you are you can open a Japanese PSN account and access the japanese version of Home.

having said that, I really am NOT looking forward to opening Home up again. its such a mess...

I see. But even then it looks so damn awesome:


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Has anyone posted the info of the new Hybrid Pack for sayonara no Tsubasa?

Like the past one it includes a game and the movie, it will come out on October 20 so it's safe to assume that the movie alone will come aout the same day, right?.

Anyway here's the info: New Macross Hybrid Disc Due for PS3

▼PS3/Blu-ray「劇場版マクロスF 恋離飛翼 サヨナラノツバサ」10月20日発売





●「劇場版マクロスF 恋離飛翼 サヨナラノツバサ ハイブリッドパック」








Macross Last Frontier!!!


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Vintage Macross items like original illustration by Haruhiko Mikimoto (9,100 U.S.) and a Noboru Ishigoru signed SDF-1 toy (2,100 U.S.) raised big money for the victims of the great earthquake disaster of Japan at the Otakon.


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The membership cards for the new version of the Macross F fanclub - Ftama PLUS have started arriving along with some freebies.

Heres a pic of some new Ebata artwork on some clear files that came with it.

Also -a birthday card they sent me. Yay!

(sorry for large pic sizes)



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That reminds me, next month's model Graphix is going to have a large Macross feature:







HASEGAWA meets VARIABLE FIGHTER 10th Anniversary

ハセガワ初の本格的キャラクターキットとなった1/72 VF-1の衝撃からはや10年(ホントはもうちょっと経ってるけどね)。ハセガワ製バルキリーの歴史をじっくりと振り返りつつ、スケールモデルとキャラクターモデルの融合を試みた同社のイマジネーションの軌跡を、いまこそ検証してみましょう。

source: http://www.modelkasten.com/magazine/mg/187470322.html


10 year anniversary of Hasegawa x Valkyries

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According to a video message she posted on Facebook, Mari Iijima might be doing a 3rd concert in Japan this year - a Christmas gig on December 23rd. If anyone has plans to travel to Japan or be in the Tokyo area around this time, be sure to check the concert out!

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Hmm this could be completely unrelated... Maaya Sakamoto got married to Kenichi Suzumura (who seems to have worked on Macross7).

Kenichi Suzumura = Shin Kudo (Macross Zero) & Morley (Macross 7)

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