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  1. Um it's a Macross Frontier concert so May'n and Megumi as Sheryl and Ranka? Maybe some special guest too but being a Frontier concert one would expect them to focus on the singers from that series, no?
  2. Combining DVD and BD sales it did 7K the first week, and now it's at 9k I think, vol. 1 did 10k in it's first week so that's a 3k drop, but honestly I expected a bigger drop than that, but I guess the big drop will come after all the episodes of the first cour are released.
  3. About the lenght of the series, everyone is forgetting that the booklet is saying that Delta was originally going to be 13 episodes AND A MOVIE, the original 13 episodes would have been the ones we saw and then they would have made a movie to finish the story. Here's the translation someone posted in Animesuki: Link to the translation: LINK And that's the problem, the movie would have been maybe 2 hours which would be the same as 5 or 6 episodes, but they expanded that to 13 episodes so obviously the pacing is dragging. Also it mentions that the decision to make a second cour instead of a movie was made when they were finishing the script for episode 4, most likely a couple months before the first episode aired in April.
  4. Worst episode of the series so far so I gave it a negative vote, and next one doesn't look like it'll be good either I don't know about that, in the latest Macross Delta character poll, Messer was number 5 overall and the top ranked male character above Hayate and Keith (not like he has too much competition though), and apparently the number of fanart made for Messer and Kaname as a couple more than doubles the ones for Hayate and Freyja. Also there's this hahaha:
  5. I really laughed when Roid told Basara that he liked his glasses and when Alto explained to Makina that he's a guy only to be told that to be cute it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl lol, it's good to see that there will be these type interaction between the older characters and the new ones.
  6. Scans from famitsu's article with the same information from the link I posted before:
  7. Some new information, including other guest characters from Macross 7, Plus, Zero and 30, as well as a list with more songs that will be in the game in both versions (I can't believe "Information High" won't be in the normal game ) here: http://gematsu.com/2016/08/macross-delta-scramble-adds-basara-nekki-fire-valkyrie-guest-characters
  8. More info about the game and also new screenshots in this Dengeki Online article: http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/325/1325728/#eid1325841 They put a graphic comparison between the PSP games and this one Obviously this one looks better, but I think that the PS3 games still look better, or maybe it's just the resolution
  9. All members of walkure are assigned to a specific pilot, we saw to whom from their interactions in episode 1, Mikumo rode Arad's valk, Messer saved Kaname, Makina asked to recharge the drones and Mirage did it, and Reina was flying with Chuck, and obviously the two new members were assigned together, or in short :
  10. Yeah it seems they will be following the same path they took with the Frontier games, a first game not with too much content and just half of the story of the new series so they can take advantage of the show's popularity as soon as possible, then (hopefully) sequels with more content and modes (and maybe make them multiplataform). Complete and high quality scans of the info on Famitsu
  11. I'm in the same situation as Graham and the others, I love Macross games but I don't want to buy a Vita for this. At least they should have made this game for both the PS4 and the Vita like so many other games these days, you can even use the same save file on both consoles for those games. Also this game will cover just half of the Delta series, like Ace Frontier did in it's time, so maybe they will make a sequel with a complete Delta campaign and hopefully they'll reconsider and release it on other plataforms too and not just the vita. I found more info from this site: http://gematsu.com/2016/07/macross-delta-scramble-announced-ps-vita like the different versions and their price as well as a list of the songs for both versions.
  12. That scan is from last month's magazine and was posted on various forums on June 10th, we'll get the new one in a few days, I think.
  13. I put the head laser with my fingers on mine after applying the stickers, I even heard a light click and it's firmly secure there, but on the VF-171 I had to use tweezers for the head lasers, so just try that first, if not maybe use a bit of glue?
  14. Just a note on the subs before the discussion goes further, gg took some liberties with their translation (they usually do), specifically with what Arad and Mikumo said. -Arad didn't really said "He would be proud of you" the actual line is "yoku nite yagaru ze"「よく似てやがるぜ、あの人に」, which is basically "He really resembles that person" -Mikumo never calls Freyja a princess, so "good morning, princess" it's just gg taking liberties (before the theories about Freyja being secretly part of the Windermerian Royal family start), Mikumo just said "You finally awaken" That's all.
  15. Well then explain the Nome girls, Mao married a guy and had Sally who still used the Nome last name, then Sally married a guy and had Sheryl who is still a Nome. Like d3v already mentioned, in Japan sometimes the man is the one to marry into his wife's family and take her last name, so I'd go with that as an explanation, besides we already know from Kawamori himself that Mirage is Miranda's daughter. About the Macross 7 fleet, it didn't disappear it's just that the information about the protodeviln confict was suppressed for the general public, in one of Frontier's episodes members of SMS mentioned the protodeviln and Bobby compares what Ranka is doing to what Basara did, not to mention that Fire Bomber released a new album in 2060
  16. Um, Freyja is 14 years old and Mao died when Ranka was like 5, currently Ranka should be 24, just do the math, Mao couldn't have known Freyja. Some people think that maybe Basara gave it to her, but Freyja knows about Fire Bomber so I think she could have recognized him even if it would have been after he left, so she should have said that Basara gave it to her, IMO this is another case of looking to much into the details of Freyja's past, like "Freyja escaped an arranged marriage, maybe she was going to marry one of the knights or the prince" and it was just the apple farmer's son, I'm not saying that it can't be someone important or known in the macross universe that gave her the music player, but maybe it was just a random human that visited Windemere.
  17. I finished my 171 earlier today, I tried to pait for the first time ever but just some of the details, here are some bad pictures taken with my phone.
  18. Yeah that's how I understood it from the first episode, and just to add something, Makina interacted with Mirage when she asked to recharge the multi-drones and Mirage was the only one to respond.
  19. We know he only attended to the practices and skipped all the "classroom" classes when Mirage goes to Ragnyanyan to search for him (he tells her), and of course Mirage tells him that practices are no enough. And whether Chaos/Delta Platoon functions as a military organization or a corporation Hayate normally would be in trouble, but remember that in episode 2 Hayate told Arad that he didn't like to follow orders and that he would do as he pleased, to which Arad said that it was fine, so yeah Hayate is receiving special treatment because he can "feel the wind".
  20. Haha, same happened to me, I forgot I pre-ordered them from amiami until I checked my e-mail yesterday. I was a bit worried that these would look really bad going from some pictures online and I'd be forced to pay them anyway, but after watching that video I'm relieved, it doesn't look too bad, I will even try to paint some parts for the first time ever.
  21. The word they used is 孫 "Mago" which if I'm not mistaken can be used for grandson, grandchild or granddaughter, if you used some online translator it will translate it to grandson from default, but as jenius said they also used the word 姪 "Mei" which means niece. Edit: oh beaten by cyde01 Oh, has this been confirmed already?
  22. Yeah this is what I kind of expected, the VF-31 seems to have two colors for it's pieces, white and blue and all the other details like for the cockpit, the engines and the wings are stickers, the VF-171 is just one color and stickers, the other ones are just 3d models apparently. Since these are really cheap I might try to paint one because I don't like stickers, or at least try to paint the easy details
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