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  1. So I guess this is it. From the official release on macross.jp. BW will be releasing everything after DYRL. TV series, movies, toys, etc. Too bad about the VF-1 kits tho.
  2. Well today is 2nd on the Oricon daily chart, 4th on the Music Station ranking (they showed the MV so it got air time on prime tv) and it is the top song on the japanese iTunes store.
  3. So what he really wanted to do is a combination of AKB00 and Macross....?
  4. For those living or being in Japan at the time. They'll be broadcasting some part of the Budokan "Christmas without you" Live on TV. Tokyo MXTV:2011-11-6 20:00~21:00 KBS Kyoto:2011-11-6 19:00~19:55 Performance :Kanno Yoko、Nakajima Megumi、May'n, others.
  5. I forgot about Shin Kudo... This news is the hottest trend in Twitter Japan... And who was Morley...? Can't remember
  6. Hmm this could be completely unrelated... Maaya Sakamoto got married to Kenichi Suzumura (who seems to have worked on Macross7).
  7. It depends where are you going and when. See the link below for a list of theaters playing the movie. You'll see the beginning/end dates of each one. http://www.macrossf.com/movie2/theater.html
  8. Kind of a side story. I think it was drawn by one of the Macross the First staff... correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. The Kanno interview is quite good. She talks a lot about May'n and Megumi. The song "analysis" was good too. Haven't read the Kawamori interview... Really long. Loved Macross the First as always... and Macross bento just made me crack up.
  10. Then there's the Kawamori interview and the Yoko Kanno interview and "analysis" of each song on the Netabare album. Pretty interesting.
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