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  1. As predicted by someone in the forum, it has same transformation as VF-9 for hands part. I wonder what VF that invade Vordor.
  2. Looking macross doujin, something like this one
  3. The silhouette...it's VF-1....AAArrrrrrgh.
  4. How long I must wait to see sv-252 in battaroid mode. It's killing me
  5. I just realize the first episode I saw was not final version. I hope the final version not to dull like Frontier did, if I remember correctly.
  6. By completing quest. I can't specify which town since it's been a long time and the guide is in Japanese. Unfortunately to get specific VF, in earlier level, you must complete all quest that available in the chapter you in. You can't jump to other quest since it require previous quest to be done first. Always check town every chapter start or after you complete main quest. Sorry if this not direct help you.
  7. It's sad thing that some folks don't like the show. It's still 1st episode, anything could happen. Just like I'm Watching Macross 7. It instantly felt bored seeing ep 1- to 10. But after that, it turn interesting, in story telling manner. Usually good movie begin with dull/boring episode.
  8. I think I will off the forum until I've watch Ep 01. So far the method work on Force awaken
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