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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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Official translationsof some Macross F manga possibly on the way?!?!?


In case no one can read the AU site of ANN, here's the main site link:


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Anyone who is a member of the Macross F fanclub should have already recieved an email about this, but there is a 2nd 'Galaxy Meeting' online Macross F event for fanclub members on Sept. 25. 100 fanclub members will be chosen (from those who apply) to participate in a chat room with the guests. Announced guests so far are Aya Endo, Megumi Nakajima and Hidetaka Tenjin.

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Model Graphix #323 (October 2011) is out.

BIG article on Hasegawa and VFs.


LOTS of Tenjin Hidetaka artwork. There's even a 4 page mini-gallery of his artwork! If you can't afford to get his "Valkyries Second Sortie", this is the next best thing. Also it has a halfway decent sized image of his VF-11 box art.

List of all the kits, when they were released, and what other Macross products were released at the same time.

Kits w/ picts: 1/72 VF-1S Strike, 1/48 YF-19 w/ fold booster, YF-21, VF-11 w/ rocket boosters (?!?!?!?), 1/48 VF-1S battroid conversion.

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Last years Christmas concert - Macross F 'Merry Christmas Without You' is getting a DVD and Bluray release on November 23!

(which reminds me I need to finish my event report from 9 months ago ^^;)

UPDATE: It hasnt been announced whether the footage will be from Budokan (Tokyo) or Osaka. My bet would be Osaka though.


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Newtype Ace Vol 001 is out.

The Macross the First content is... underwhelming.

Not surprisingly, a large chunk of it is a story digest to get (new) readers up to speed. Interestingly, the new stuff... [Not sure if it needs spoiler quotes, but just in case]

... is focused on Minmei, prior to the Space Launch Ceremony, signing up for the Miss Macross contest. It also segeways into "the present" with Minmei practicing with Kaifun.

It appears (and this is just skim reading it) that we're going to get the "Mars Chapter" starting from next issue. Me thinks that we'll get the stuff from the last issue of Macross Ace reprinted before we get new stuff...

GOOD NEWS is that there's a colour section on Macross news. It's no where near the same scope or extent as in Macross Ace, but it's nice nonetheless. It's broken into:

Macross Ace Plus (hybrid pack)

Macross Goods Express (models, helmet, cosplay goods)

Macross News (keitai straps, Fever Macross Frontier)

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日時:2012年1月8日(日) 第一部:開場 12:00 開演 13:00/第二部:開場 16:30 開演 17:30

会場:パシフィコ横浜 国立大ホール

出演:遠藤綾、中島愛、May'n …and more


超銀河ファンクラブ F魂 会員抽選先行:10月6日(木)17:00~10月16日(日)23:59


全席指定 5,250円(税込)



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Great Mechanics.DX 18

YF-29 on da cover!

... and that's about the highlight for the Japanese impaired.

There is a 6 page interview with Kawamori Shouji himself, with a smattering of pictures from the 2nd MF movie (the majority unseen in other MF 2 related publications), but as they're all small thumbnails, and as 4 of the 6 pages are B&W, it's not recommended.

Of course, the magazine is always recommended if you're a fan of mecha, as it's always chock full of illustrations and pictures. ;)

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New Macross name is Macross 30????

It's just a domain registration, which at times, are shortened (i.e. Macross 30th anniversary).

BTW,who is Kaya Onishi?

Kaya Onishi is Producer/Executive Producer at Big West Co., LTD. Basically, the guy who manages their holdings/properties. Which is why his name in on the domain registrations.

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