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Macross General SCOOPUDA thread


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The SCOOP thread in the Toys section disappeared, so I will put this here.

Kawamori's Dualis is FINALLY getting released as a figure.


Though with "Rinne no Lagrange" coming up very soon, who's gonna care about this thing now, that's my question.

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Dengeki Hobby 2011.01 issue Macross content:

Macross the Ride publications announcement:

"Macross the Ride Visual Book Vol. 2"

A4 size. ¥924

"Macross the Ride Lower Half"

B6 size. ¥1,260

Both due on 2011.12.24.

DX Chogokin:

VF-25F Super Parts renewal version

VF-25S Super Parts renewal version

Both ¥4,725 and due 2012.04

Hasegawa 1/72 VF-11D Thunder Focus

¥4,200, due mid-December (2011)

Yamato 1/60 VF-17S 2-pg review

¥26,040 & due 2011.12

[not sure how much has been mentioned in other threads, so... only going to post my 'that's neat' observations] variable geometry wings, parts that slide forward to hide the knee joints in fighter, BOTH GERWALK forms (arms out, lasers out), a back/shoulder supporting tab in GERWALK, a gun that even though it doesn't fold in half, is separated into two pieces that slide into the back of each engine nacelle, and last but not least: candy apple red! (as it's referred to as a Diamond Force unit, I'm sure it's just the mock-up coloured in Miria-red. Nevertheless, still wishful thinking...)

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「Macross F 超時空 SUPER LIVE」、Cosmic Nyaan CLIPs


■Macross F The Super Dimension SUPER LIVE, Cosmic Nyaan, Sagittarius☆9pm Don't be late by May'n

■「マクロスF 超時空スーパーライブ コズミック娘」、射手座☆午後九時 Don't be late by May'n



■Macross F The Super Dimension SUPER LIVE, Cosmic Nyaan, Universal Bunny by May'n

■「マクロスF 超時空スーパーライブ コズミック娘」、ユニバーサル・バニー by May'n



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I went to Animax Musix last Wednesday which had May'n as one of its headlining artists, same as in previous years. Damn concert was 6 hrs long! (May'n had about 4 solo songs and 4 or 5 covers).

Anyways, heres a pic of May'n at the event still rockin her short harido.


And heres a group shot after the encore with all artists wearing concert tshirts.


Original report in Japanese can be found here.

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Great Mechanics.DX 19, 2011 Winter issue, is out.

Macross content: "Details to Design", a long-form interview with Ikeda Yukio (credited as Satelite's designer and chief modeller; also credited as doing Macross F's main Valkyrie modelling). Hashimoto Misaburo (credited as Satelite's CGI producer). And Yagishita Hiroshi (credited as Satelite's Chief Director).

Mostly text (6 pages!), with a few 1/8 to 1/2 page images thrown in. Images are some of Ikeda-san's rough designs and how they appeared rendered in the movie, including: VF-25S, VF-27, Macross Quarter's head, Koenig Monster, YF-29 (colouring variations, fold quartz & gun pod), Battle Frontier, Vajra warships, & the Vajra Queen + Battle Frontier.

Wish it was a bit bigger... ah well.

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Some pics of merchandise that will be available at the Nyan festival on Jan 8th.

First, a rather awesome hoodie (especially if you've seen Wings of Farewell)


Secondly, a towel featuring those new Ebata costumes:


Finally, if anyone is interested, the YOSHIKI FUKUYAMA 20TH Anniversary concert DVD has just gone on sale over at Amazon Japan. It's down from 9450yen to 6929yen.

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I made the trek down to Yokosuka to see Mari Iijima perform on the 23rd.

Entrance poster.


A shot inside the venue before the concert. Small, restaurant/live house. No matter where you were seated there was always a good view of the stage.


Two pics from Mari's blog by the professional photographer who was there



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Yet more Macross merchandise-related news!

The goods list for the upcoming Nyan Festival in Yokohama on January 8 has been posted here:


Also, Chie Kajiura tweeted a pick of one of the Gubaba stickers that will apparently be available at the 2nd (annual?) Mylene Night Concert in February. Darn thing is too cute for words, lol.


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I bet this has been posted before, but here it goes. I just discovered a countdown clock at the Bandai Channel Macross page...

It marks 275 days until some big event related to the 30th Anniversary starts. Does anybody know what is this about? :blink:

It says: "### days ## hours ## minutes ## seconds until the 30th anniversary of "Macross"".

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Happy birthday, Sheyl~~~


Sheryl HP...



maybe im just tired from moving stuff but the first things to mind involve self pleasure from both pic's commentary text LOL
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NEW Macross project!!!



















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So it seems that they are celebrating the 30th anniversary in-universe by having the Macross 29 fleet celebrate 30 years since its launch from Earth. I expect more Ranka/Sheryl concerts.

Here is a summary of the description:

The 29 (two-nine) was happily sailing along when it encountered an incident, and a 1/4 of its habitable area was damaged. Because of a mandate to regulate its fold energy, it has to limit its trade with other fleets to those in close vicinity. On the fleet there are plenty of content manufacturers such as video game companies and record companies etc.

Anyway, here's the really important stuff I spotted:

■マクロス×渋谷パルコ マクロス30周年記念エキシビジョン

2012年ゴールデンウィーク 開催予定!

There will be a Macross 30th Anni exhibition at Shibuya Parco during Golden Week.

PS -- I meant to edit my first post but I pressed the wrong button and quoted it instead, making this double-post. Somebody please delete the first one!

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Sounds like something akin to FB2012 - which seems appropriate.

Might get a new valk out of it, since Frontier was having it's 18th Miss Macross - so this could be a decade later. Personally, I think the field is still saturated with the descendants of the VF-24.

And danger, I still want my 171!

That silhouette reminds me of Mylene in her "incognito" getup.



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Might get a new valk out of it, since Frontier was having it's 18th Miss Macross - so this could be a decade later. Personally, I think the field is still saturated with the descendants of the VF-24.

Transition from YF-29 to VF-29 or even a brand new YF-30 would be awesome! :)

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