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  1. It was fun, my son had a good time although he didn't tell me his stomach hurt and he was feeling sick. Spent quite a bit of coin there, hardest decision I had was deciding which Variable Fighter Master File to buy LOL
  2. The best time they used music was when Chaos and Windermere went at it when Ragna was being invaded after Walkure's stage survived a direct hit. Freya leaping into the air and singing while Hayate fought Keith. I wonder how the music would have turned out had Yoko Kano, or my new favorite, Hiroyuki Sawano worked on the music. The best singing voice though is whoever does the songs for Mikumo, it's the most May'n-like.
  3. I'm going, bringing my son along. He likes Macross at the ripe old age of 3.
  4. What you described about Frontier is something I didn't get with Delta, but I think it's partly because the sound design wasn't as moving. When Sheryl sings Diamond Crevasse as events climax leading to Michel dying are hard hitting. I smiled ear to ear at the final episode of Frontier. I got shivers when Frontier and Quarter initiate the Macross Attack and the camera zooms in on cute Rank and an extreme closeup of Sheryl's determined eyes as the music reaches its peak and transitions to Lion which stands as one of the best songs in the franchise, I didn't get much enjoyment from the songs.
  5. Wow, been a long time since I last posted here. Anyways, finally watched the last episode today and I liked Frontier's final episode better, but Delta was superior overall. I had a feeling none of the action would top off Frontier's judging by the first few minutes, in Frontier we got a badass Macross Attack tag team LOL. Roid was much like Grace, but unlike Grace his methods were a bit more direct and eventually transparent compared to Grace in the TV series and Galaxy in the movies. I was expecting that the Song of the Stars would solve Windermerean life expectancies, but sadly it didn't
  6. At least there will be some parts of Stragerealworld in it. A war between Strangereal and Earth would be cool! The Demons of Razgriz will return, my AC feed on FB had a post that read: "Ridgeback One, Edge report."
  7. I hope subs are included, then I'll be faced with either getting a carbon fiber lip or the boxset!
  8. Cool movie, but when I was watching it, I wondered what happened to all the submarines and aircraft carriers and navies of the world? Were they all scrapped for raw materials for the Jaeger program? Pretty sure a few Super Hornets or A-10s could have prevented the loss of the Jaegers. Oh well, it's just a movie.
  9. Have the subs grown on anybody yet? I'm watching it right now, and I can live with it LOL. Wish they converted to widescreen format for the movie.
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