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  1. I wanted to make a thread dedicated to the love and hate of one of the most controversial characters of all Macross--Basara Nekki! I've seen a few people on here hold him responsible for vilifying UN SPACY in MACROSS-7, call him self-serving, self-absorbed, but mostly I think that people here like him. I sure do. I think that a lot of the Basara hate comes from the fact that he's a "rock 'n star" and as such stereotypically dissociative, distant, and sometimes comes off as unreachable. However I think that its shown on more than one occasion that is is a man who does care about people and his friends its just he is the type of person that shows this through his music and action rather than taking the time to express himself in romantic gestures or heart-felt confessions. I don't think he is an aloof apeface. However, this is an open and public forum and I am more than willing to be convinced I am wrong. So go for it! Do you love or hate Basara and if so... why?
  2. Okay. In Frontier evil glasses girl who I am not even going to bother trying to spell the name of here goes on about transcending the protoculture. Unfortunately my subs are a bit dodgy on that episode (and only that episode) so I might as well have been reading "All your base are belong to us." I guess what I am asking is... HOW? What exactly was it that she thought would allow humanity to transcend the protoculture? From what I saw of them in Macross-7 they seemed pretty advanced and what was it about the Vajra that would allow humanity to become the next evolution of mankind. Like, other than gaining the obviously godlike destructive power of being plugged into a giant space bug... what had she accomplished? I could see what was happening but so much did not make sense (with regard to her motives and goals). Also, why the hell did she smile when she died? It's like she wanted Alto to kill her. The whole thing just puzzles me.
  3. I think I love you. This made my night. Welcome to my signature.
  4. This is true... so why not use him? I think that was one of my biggest issues with Frontier, there was all this little cross over stuff happening here or there, but I would've liked to see some of the old characters in the new snazzy razmataz style of Frontier. I have always been a sucker for the old school hero trope. You cant tell me that it would not have been awesome to see an aging Hikaru Ichijyo fly circles Frontier's best. They don't need a leading role but a nice guest star from some of the old faces as a nod to the fans would be pretty sweet. I think that my favorite episode of Frontier was when Alto rocks up to the reenactment with using the booster tech. It was corny but it was cool too but not quite the same thing. You can't tell me that an episode where Ozma Lee was starstruck because he heard that Basara was on frontier and so Ranka set out to track him down to get an autograph for her brother would've been out of place. Set it up so that he's been hanging out with Alto in a bay the whole time trying to avoid his fans in classic Basara-style and its not until right at the end when he sees a photo does he realize that he's been hanging out with the guy they've been looking for the whole time. Classic Macross. Ups and Downs and it would've been awesome. But I guess if it happened we'd be sitting here now asking ourselves what effect Spirita had on the Vajra if any. So I guess there's no point in maybe's.
  5. J.M. should be up for some more episodes soon but nothing he can talk about. The show isn't cancelled its just run into the same problem Young Justice has. Hopefully they'll handle it better and we'll get some new episodes SOON. If you really want to help I suggest registering on the appropriate forums and making some noise about it.
  6. I got to say, love this series a good friend of mine wrote Episode 4 so I saw it WAY back in black and white before I'd even seen episode one and it was still amazing. I think I still have the AVI on my PC, might upload it for you guys when my download refreshes if you guys would like to see it. But its easily the best cartoon I have seen in nearly 20 years. Which is the better half of most of cognoscente life. I have one big issue though and I'd like to know what you guys think about Tigra. I feel like his original (the Blue Regal Gear in Omens) outfit looked much better on him. Its like in the space of one cut scene he went from "D-Do I eat the flashlight?" to "Check it out I'm a tech-marine" with no real believable transition. Well, I guess unless he saw his entire race die then just though "Forget the whip where are the explosives baby!" But I would've liked to have at least seen that on screen. Thoughts?
  7. Haha, sorry guys. I honestly didn't intend to spark anything here. It's just a bit of a strain reading this thread beginning to end and walking away with something positive to say. I honestly didn't think it would go this way but its good to see that Hateorade salvaged the conversation and everyone ended up taking everything in good humor. However while we are "bitching" about Harmony Gold I started watching Captain Harlok for the first time in my desperate attempt to find something space operaish other than Macross (anyone have any suggestions?) and I noticed that it was done by HG yet I can't find a DVD release for it on their website at all. Its cool because I get everything way cheaper from Kora, but wouldn't it be smarter to release more of the stuff youve done then release re-re-re-re-re-re-re-remastered versions of the series we already own? My only other real complaint is on the new Sentinels DVD release they've added new scenes... but cut others... which just seemed like a chance to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release Sentinels at a later date as a "whole product." Which admittedly is classic HG but I just wish there was a bit more of an effort made. Also, to answer the question asked of me earlier, does it bother me that HG are blocking anime? Well, on a very small level it does. I'm not a big anime fan to tell you the truth. I'm very picky when it comes to anime and I feel that quite a lot of new anime is lots of high-quality animation and not much substance or story. I know I'd be more upset that Macross couldn't be released if I couldn't buy it with English subs online. For a long time (before I put in a serious search effort) I only ever saw Mac-7 in Spanish, sighed to myself and wondered "what if" then moved on. That said it'd be great to be able to watch the shows in English but after the horrible and unrealistic voice acting we see in otherwise amazing shows like History's Strongest Disciple Kinichi and well, the list goes on and I am sure we could each name 5 shows that we didn't like the voices for, I guess I'm just not sure that I'd be very receptive to Alto's baritone manly hero voice or Ranka's Mini Mouse squeak. As things are now (for me, this of course reflects on no way to the business side of things) I am happy buying things Online. Sure it'd be great is Bandai had a reliable english website with its Macross stuff on it or if there was some kind of Uuber Macross Emporium, but I makedo. When I was a member on Robotech.com (in 2005 or 2006?) and Harmony Gold first came out and talked about the Robotech Movie it was pretty cool. Then after skuffle that happened yesterday when I went on to register I was honestly a little surprised to find out that they have not had a single update since back when I was a member, what was it... like..? Nearly five or six years ago. If my anticipation was a person it would be able to speak and make its own choices by now. Yet, not a word, it was confounding so I went to the News Section and the ONLY thing its updated with is Convention stuff. So I figure I am going to call the company today right so I go to Harmony Gold's official website and browse through looking for the contact number but nadda. In the end I called up a number I could find and in my most professional business tone asked to be transferred to the office of Mr. Yune the I sat there on wait for nearly two hours before he answers and I say... "Hello, my name is [my name here] and I would like to inquire about investing in the Robotech Franchise." And he says... "I'm sorry I don't know anything about that, wrong number, wrong number" then hangs up on me. So All e-stalker style I go to Youtube and re-re-re-re-listen to the guys voice and I am sure it was him. Needless to say, I'm not really impressed but it is pretty clear that Macross is still going strong and Robotech isn't and at the end of the day it all comes down to money and numbers and I'm willing to bet Big West is making a hell of a lot more revenue than Harmony Gold is right now and if this movie deal doesn't happen then I highly doubt they will last another 20-25 years. (Again, that's just my opinion.)
  8. Its certainly a nice place for me to start! Thank you! ^_^

  9. Well...the second Frontier movie came out in late February, and that's coming out on DVD in Blu-Ray in a bit over a month. Macross the First is still continuing...and a couple of new manga volumes are coming out in a week or so.

    Does that count?

  10. Yeah, I have to go to bed now because I'm old too and its 3am :p

    Dont suppose there is any news/rumour of anything NEW mMcross related is there? A comic series, a new animated series?

  11. Heh. Yeah, it's so old, right?

  12. Its fine. I guess I was just getting old and wanted to meet new people who liked the same thing as me. I have a bunch of Macross stuff that my other friends ask why I don't just sell off and I kind of realized that I needed to meet new people who were still into this.

  13. Let me put it this way...we've had TONS of Robotech fans show up and ACT like they love both series...but then attack Macross fans while being nothing but courteous and dainty to Robotech fans.

    If I misjudged you, I apologize.

  14. Does it say if it will it be available for iphone? (I can't read the site myself)
  15. I never intended for you to feel targeted or picked on. Sorry. I honestly did just find the whole discussion rather counter-productive. It seemed like there was a whole bunch of hate and not many solutions coming out of it. Anyways, my deepest apologies, all the best Gubaba!

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