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Macross in the weirdest places


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So I was watching this British show "Classic Albums". They do little documentaries about bands and specific famous albums.

Anyway, I was watching the one on Judas Priest and their album "British Steel".

They are talking about this song Metal Gods and they just start randomly throwing in pictures of anime robots. So weird.

Anyway, they flashed a shot of the YF-19.


They throw Patlabor and Gundam in there too.

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Care to translate for us antibiotictab?

I saw ケンダマクロス→kenda(?)+makurosu(=macross)
It was an event of the Bandai stage, so I thought it had something to do with Macross.
But it means kendama + cross.
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Robotech is one of the most successful mecha franchises of all time.

hehe... :rolleyes:

The 85 episode series first launched in 1985 and seamlessly crossed over into North America from Japan.

HAHAHA! :lol:

The more notable ones are Macross Frontier, Macross 7, Macross Plus, Macross Zero, The Shadow Chronicles.

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things doesn't belong...

Udon will also be the publisher for the Kickstarter-exclusive Art of Robotech Academy book.

Oh boy, an art book for a show that doesn't exist! :rolleyes:

We have a ton of model sheets, and even early developmental designs that have never been seen or published anywhere.

O RLY? :blink:

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the episode of Transformers called "Fight or Flee" has Air Raid doing gerwalk movies. Also there's a VF-1 in the crowd of Paradron Autobots.



I'm just not surprised anymore about anything Macross related in Transformers. There are so many connections between both shows like Shoji Kawamori creating the Convoy (Optimus Prime) toy for Diaclone or Yamato selling the VF-1 mold to HASBRO. I'm sure the TOEI animators for TF weren't ignorant of Macross (Macross was trend setter in transforming mecha shows) and certain scenes were a wink and nod to Macross..

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