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Sdf-1 (tv) 3d Model


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Baaaaack from the dead!!!

I did not have time to work on this model for quite some time for personal reasons, but I am proud of what I am presenting to you ladies and gentlemen today.

Some details below, but surely more to follow!

Thanks for looking!!! :)





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I like what you have here, but the lights are a tad too large for this interpretation. I think you should make them smaller in diameter, and dim them. It looks like your taking the dimensions from the Takatoku/Matchbox toy.

Also the lasers...make it appear ROWTECHISH. :lol: Omit those!!

Great job on the rendering. I am not aiming to discourage you. Just looking at it from the outside looking in.


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Thanks everyone for the positive feedback!

Did I mention these were frames from an animation? Well, You can see it with these links (QuickTime needed):

(Small file) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov

(Medium Quality) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov

(High Def! If you have the bandwidth!) http://mauriciosanta...o%20Sharing.mov

I am working on the cruiser mode pics! :D

Let me know what you think!


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Very nice. Any plans to include a bit of ambient light? I know it's not accurate but I personally think a very low intensity ambient light will give it a bit of depth. Looking forward to the full clip! :D

I did many pre-visualizations and I wanted to stay as physically accurate as possible for my own learning process. Having said that, I do have some pre-visualizations with ambient light, but I will use it only for compositions when the ship is on Earth's atmosphere (such as the pic I posted earlier, when it is on its launchpad). Getting the textures right (or not so awful, I should say) was very hard and also getting the parallel light right (i.e. sun rays) was very hard. So I want to crack one problem at a time before I submerge myself into atmospheric effects.

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