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  1. I found out about this too late and can't find the remake of the cycomi edition anywhere....so sad, the art was nice!
  2. thank you!! Squad-Leader! I'm afraid the VF-1 Cockpit from a few years back is a goner.....sad...
  3. Hi Guys, I'll be in Tokyo in late September, and although I have searched the web for any macross related exhibits, I only know of the Skytree one with the VF-25 (not sure if it's still on) but remember the VF-1 life size cockpit from 6 years ago, does anyone know what happened to it? can I find large exhibits? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi guys, I've been a member for a long time, more prone to check out the amazing stuff done here than to openly start conversations, but my mind started thinking: now that we have the Flight-of-passage attraction over at Animal Kingdom, being a flight-sim of that animal, I started to wonder: Has anyone tried to make a scale 1:1, life-size replica of the VF-1 cockpit? I know of the one they made in Japan for the Macross Museum (video): Macross Museum life-size VF-1 Cockpit, but apart from that any fan initiative? it would be great to have one with all the light-up gizmos and gadgets. what do you guys think? Cheers!
  5. I like this idea: it could be before Macross Plus, or right after SDF-Macross (Megaroad?) or even before Macross Frontier. Now, if new updated Valks is the whole reason to keep going forward, at some point I would like a series more about discovering the protoculture homeworld.....sort of like "this is their homeworld, but it has been overrun by X alien race"
  6. It looks amazing, so what happened to this excellent idea?
  7. Oh! no no Dude, sorry, I'm just saying that if anyone wants to use them then be my guest, just contributing to the resources for everyone
  8. Hey! got this from the series, I know they are not in true wallpaper form, but I'm sure something can be done!
  9. I just love this shots!! the fog, and the lighting! I went to the link you advertise and it was broken, something wrong? keep up the great work
  10. "What a desolate place this is" guys, are you still working on this?
  11. It's really inspiring to see the SDF-1 come together in such a beautiful way, it looks so real....I guess if there's a master photoshopper out there we could already see a photorealistic pic of Macross City with all the eye candy we've seen so far. Keep up the excelent work
  12. Maybe you meant this topic? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...=50&st=1420 is in the hall of the Super topics now (Mass group CG compilation or something) They have lot's of great stuff in there like yours.
  13. Wow!!! I'm quite impressed, from last time, you have some nice looking VF's have you thought at a composite of the VF's next to the SDF? to see how it all plays out? can't wait to see how it all looks together!!!
  14. Jeez guys I think the Doc and Datter have it right on the spot, I thought you put in the "orthos" (orthographic views I assume) and out pops the 3D image, and you "fine tune" it once it's done, but if it is only for reference, then DAMN! I gotta learn the whole process from scratch!!!! sorry to bother you so much with this but any beginner's Maya tutorials in mind? or 3D-studio Max? because If I wanna do this right I gotta learn the thing....I got it all backwards
  15. ok, I got the schematics and put it on the maya window, but now I see both views (top and front) intersecting in the middle but the object doesn't appear as a 3D thing. It rather appears as two planes intersecting each other
  16. EH....what I meant was what is the process to do this, I see you have some skill in the matter, perhaps you can tell me how to do it? do I just put the views and click "render"? or is there some process to this?
  17. Hello, I found no other place to ask this question: I'm trying to model a valk in maya 6.5, I have the blueprints from the Hasegawa model, scanned in jpeg format, my question is once I put the front and top view in maya how do I get a 3D rendering of the model to start fine-tunning it? or is there a process in between, I'm a Maya starter, please help!
  18. Just trying to keep this thread alive, and waiting for the next jaw-dropper to show up, some excelent work....I was just looking at some matte painting work done for films and I though how about a matte painting using your SDF-1? would look awesome!
  19. Great pictures everyone! I was wondering if we can see some of this pictures composited on cities rather than skies or aircraft carriers, don't get me wrong, in carriers look great, but to remember the shots in the series to see them on cities would be cool...just a thought
  20. Your work is extremely good, one thing though if you see the first couple of minutes of "boobytrap" you can see where the parks are exactly located (in the scene where you see the years passing and the SDF-1 being restored) and also there's a shot in the celebration where you see a side angle of the Macross and some buildings around to get a sense of scale, some pointers only!!!! Other than that I'm very happy to finally see a great rendition of the Macross, so far in this place you only see VFs, not that that's bad, but some variety is also nice!!! Keep it up!
  21. WOW it looks great, so what if it looks like a new pilot? I think it gives it personality a little, I like it, I would love to see it after Dat works the textures on it, I wonder when will that be....
  22. I see that the great folks here continue to hone their skills with the Valks but the have left The Macross by the way side, a while back I saw great pictures of the Macross, but how come nobody is doing it anymore?, maybe a shot on the city of firing!!!
  23. great work Mechmaster!!!! are you going to change some textures on it? it has a massive feel that I think rules!!!
  24. I love this thread, and although I have not CGI modelling skills, I come here often to see the wonderful work you guys make, but I've noticed that all of you model valks, and I've seen only a few Macross, would it be too much to ask if we can see the Macross but in cruiser mode, simple shots in space to get a feel?...Thanks
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