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  1. So if you've stuck around and read through all of that you're probably wondering how it looks like right? This is where I'm at right now. Don't laugh: Right now I'm working on the intake covers which is the hardest ones yet. Thanks for looking.
  2. So besides the valk, this is basically built from the ground up. I'm not a modeler nor am I a CAD designer so apologies for what you're about to see. The first thing I started to work on was the booster sections. I made the front except for the missiles and hinges but I'll get to that later. Here are pics of the fron section, rear boosters, and sides made out of styrene sheet as wanna work on the shape of the sides. Next I had to figure out how 1. Where do I want them to go and 2. How am I gonna put them on? From the line art it seems the boosters move up in Battroid so I had to have the boosters move. After using a general area I then measured it out exactly where I wanted it. I also decided that I'm just gonna put holes in the bottom of the boosters and use those as mounts. I then made a bracket for the boosters. When that was finished I decided to do the guns next. I printed the general shapes out going with the lineart for best guesstimate but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna mount them to the boosters. Either magnets of clips. We'll see. Here is a pic of them a together (held together with rubber bands lol). Next I decided to tackle the legs. These were a pain to do because of there complex shapes. Lots of tries to get it where I liked it. I didn't do the front yet and the inner part is gonna be tricky as there's not enough space to put something in there. Here are some of the various tries of the leg set: Next up is the nose. I just did the nose for fighter for now, I'll try to figure out a way for battroid:
  3. wmkjr

    1/60 SDP-1 Stampede Valk

    Build progress on my 1/60 stampede custom
  4. Stampede valk. Either you love it or you really love it! Build completion 60% Hello everyone. I've seen Majestic's 1/48 custom and I've never seen any other builds other than the 2 in that thread. I always wanted one in 1/60 scale so I decided to give this a try. This is the build up. Edit: To save everyone's eyes from pic spam in just gonna put the pics in spoilers. First thing I did was look for reference material. I couldn't find too much info or lineart. I found some courtesy of Mr. March's Macross Mecha Manual and used those as reference. Next thing I did was take some pics of a 1/60 for reference. I'm using a VF-1A Kakizaki. Something like these. I just took measurements with a caliper to get the general idea. I then started to sketch up some ideas and used plastistruct to build some mock ups. Here I built a mock up of the right shoulder missile pod and used my VF-1J as the model. As Majestic pointed out, lineart vs what you got to work with is a huge pain. I'm not gonna lie, doing it this way is a pain which is why I give Majestic and the other custom builders here props for the skills and patience. I'll add to this more as I go along. Okay so after doing it like this for a couple of days and losing my mind, it dawned on me that I had an unbuilt Prusa MK2 3d printer I bought a few years ago and never got around to building it. Now looked like a perfect time to crack it open and give it a spin. After a day I finished building the printer. I also decided to give 3D modeling go so I used Fusion 360 and crash coursed it enough where I can make the basics. I was thinking about converting a S/S parts set but the more I looked at the line art the more it looked like I'm gonna have to make my own from scratch. I then started to print out the general parts and then tweaked some of the dimensions to see if it fits. Here is one of the rear booster housing:
  5. Reminds me of a mix of that one in Frontier that folds in plus an updated VF-14. Windmerian looking scheme.
  6. I like these ones more as the shadows on the floor are less pronounced.
  7. These. They weren't on the 1st VF-0D: Triangle filler for the legs 1st VF-0D no triangle Courtesy Collection DX Shoulder/Chest filler Old pic of the VF-0D without the filler and the color I wish it was :
  8. The shoulder/chest gap fillers.
  9. It has the filler for the legs too.
  10. Don't forget Faerie squad: https://hlj.com/macross-ii-lovers-again-vf-2ss-valkyrie-ii-with-sap-faerie-squadron-limited-evt57214
  11. Dunno if it's a bug but tried to attach a jpg file. 3.3MB in size 4237 x 3506 pixels. Got a -200 code pop up. Is there a size limit?
  12. I just added it above. You can try to clean it up. The jpg must've been too large as it throws a code. Had to download it as a pdf.
  13. Probably doing a Paladin conversion.
  14. wmkjr

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Why does this remind me of a bodybuilding pose down? Lou Ferrigno vs Flavio Bacciani. Nice shot of the bulky boiz Saburo. @Rogueloadyour Chuck supers came out looking sweet! https://youtu.be/E_yGHOmfQco?t=59
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