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  1. The pic with the proper install shows the part with the indent on the inside in fighter on the left side. I'd call it Fighter L or Battroid R.
  2. Yes. Unfortunately my copy has some damage on some of the decals so the scan might not be worth using. Edit: You can try and clean it up. 1-3000 SDF-1 assembly.pdf
  3. Sucks that I gotta wait on the slow boat to play roulette. The real question is where are all the right ankle folks hiding at?
  4. This is his reply. Could be why your having that issue:
  5. @ArchieNov. Mind if I used your pic to see what is the correct installation? Someone had the ankles swapped the other way around.
  6. That's a great price for your displays with shipping. In my case, either shipping choices would cost more than the display itself since it's heavy and would need to be sent via boat.
  7. Would love to get that type of case. Shipping fees make any type of new display case a no go.
  8. Can't you just use the booster's pegs and push up from under the wing?
  9. Let me know if the small box is included. If not, I'll cancel my PO
  10. The folks whose land got the receiving end of that bomb in Macross Zero. Episode 4 near the end. The Mayan islanders.
  11. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    That's a simplified map of Japan, not a shopping complex. Use Google map to see the difference in distance.
  12. I wouldn't want white no step markings on a black aircraft. Maybe dark grey or red.
  13. Tampo markings would mean you have the pad printing machine to tamp them. I'd just say sticker sheet.
  14. I just tried submitting one right after I posted. They wanted me to pay the full 44990yen. Deleted it and tried again a few minutes ago mentioning the 4490yen price is a deposit in the comments. Still charged me 44990yen.
  15. Maybe Arcadia probably changed the product page to reflect the 10% deposit only?
  16. Proxy site No. It's a place holder till it actually opens and they order it. Officially opens Sept 2 , 12pm Japan time. It's a link to the Arcadia shop page. I wanna get this one because it has the fillers they incorporated on the other 2.
  17. Try contacting Spitfire_BR. Someone asked the same question and he said he had them all.
  18. Not too bad, a little over 3000yen more than the VF-0S premium. Gotta try to get in the 1st round batch.
  19. Strike/Supers 2nd round Apr 2020? https://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000136313/ edit: old news. Waiting for Tamashii nations to hopefully have new announcements
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