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    Hi-Metal R

    Awesome Hasegawa Box art cover!
  2. AFAIK there aren't any SV-51 waterslides in this scale. There are for the 1/72 kits. As far as the 2nd option, you'd have to find someone that has access to a printer that can print white ink.
  3. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks like it's also the ones from the missile effects set.
  4. UN_MARINE. Member's names are located above their rank in bigger font on desktop. Seen it happen many times usually with new members and may get confusing when there are members replying with the same rank in the thread. A perfect example would be UN_MARINE, ScrambledValkyrie, coronadlux in the posts above. At this time, all the same rank and right next to each other.
  5. That's not his name but member rank. It'd be like me calling you cannon fodder vs navratilova. It's only been a month since his last post and he stated he was busy at work so I'd just wait.
  6. Looks like the foot is same the ones you got so no.
  7. Another great transaction with @Shawn! Great communication and items arrived quick and safe!
  8. I haven't gotten my order in yet (shipped via ferry). Hopefully NY can still get replacement parts if need be.
  9. I think it only comes with fighter and gerwalk adapters (white piece) looking way way back in the day. Gonna have to prototype something.
  10. Would this info be pertinent to this thread? http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/46849-big-west-trademarks-macross-in-the-uk/
  11. Edited comment. Would love to get another one but just spent some on other purchases.
  12. Don't order @mickyg. The social media accounts are dead links. The email is service1@vinayotap.com. Try to search that address. Multiple reports saying it's a scam.
  13. Red panel lines too big. Cancel PO. Black is slightly bluish. PO cancelled. That's 3 PO's up for grabs to whomever wants them Serious though. If we use the DX YF-19 as reference from when it was shown on display to PO date then I'd also guess March/April.
  14. My take is the author is expecting the gimmicks to be reproduced. Will have to wait till further in development to see.
  15. Get the YA standing adapter if you want it straight in line with the arm. Here is a quick reference: Yeti has a bundle for the Arcadia Macross Stand if you already have that one.
  16. Just think of the YA adapters as which way you want to orient the valk in relation to the Yeti arms. Parallel use standing. Perpendicular use banking. Same thing applies for the DX adapters. The other adapters were created because some of the OEM ones had terrible placements when mounted or blocked the gunpod I believe.
  17. wmkjr

    Hi-Metal R

    That's all for the macross lineup I guess. They focused on dragonair and Lgaim.
  18. I'm new at this also so just giving my $.02. I'd say calipers are a good investment. You're gonna make custom parts and need to take measurements for existing parts if they have to attach. It helps me a lot for doing my projects. When I was looking into this I'd say most programs have some kinda learning curve. Some can do more than others. I use Fusion360 but tried out 123d design, freecad, and blender. I'm still learning how to use it. Fusion360 is free for hobbyist for a year and you can renew but comes with some limitations, Autodesk has a 30day free trial if you wanna try it out. There are other free ones out there. Other members here have used Sketchup. Try all the free ones and see which one you think works the best for you.
  19. Cool pic. Do the same shot with red lighting for that sinister look.
  20. Thanks for the feedback folks I really appreciate it! The plan is to make these prints to see the fit and finish of things, try to overcome what the lineart shows vs how real life ain't gonna let you do it, clean up and refine them, then send them of to a 3d printing service. I could post process these but I'll stew over it a bit before I decide whether I want to or not.
  21. So if you've stuck around and read through all of that you're probably wondering how it looks like right? This is where I'm at right now. Don't laugh: Right now I'm working on the intake covers which is the hardest ones yet. Thanks for looking.
  22. So besides the valk, this is basically built from the ground up. I'm not a modeler nor am I a CAD designer so apologies for what you're about to see. The first thing I started to work on was the booster sections. I made the front except for the missiles and hinges but I'll get to that later. Here are pics of the fron section, rear boosters, and sides made out of styrene sheet as wanna work on the shape of the sides. Next I had to figure out how 1. Where do I want them to go and 2. How am I gonna put them on? From the line art it seems the boosters move up in Battroid so I had to have the boosters move. After using a general area I then measured it out exactly where I wanted it. I also decided that I'm just gonna put holes in the bottom of the boosters and use those as mounts. I then made a bracket for the boosters. When that was finished I decided to do the guns next. I printed the general shapes out going with the lineart for best guesstimate but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna mount them to the boosters. Either magnets of clips. We'll see. Here is a pic of them a together (held together with rubber bands lol). Next I decided to tackle the legs. These were a pain to do because of there complex shapes. Lots of tries to get it where I liked it. I didn't do the front yet and the inner part is gonna be tricky as there's not enough space to put something in there. Here are some of the various tries of the leg set: Next up is the nose. I just did the nose for fighter for now, I'll try to figure out a way for battroid:
  23. wmkjr

    1/60 SDP-1 Stampede Valk

    Build progress on my 1/60 stampede custom
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