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  1. All these years later and we still have dedicated BSG fans out there, check out this 1/1 scale Viper MKII.
  2. As usual I am super late to the party, currently I'm halfway through Season 3 of FOR ALL MANKIND, so far, it's a very good show, good acting, great FX. I'm ready for season 4 & then eventually 5.
  3. Is anyone else unable to see the pictures @captain america is posting?
  4. So, is this just simply a recreation of the Toynami Beta fighter? Same size/scale? If so, you'd be better off to make a separate Fighter mode cockpit section and separate chest section for Soldier mode that can be swapped out, this way you're not repeating the major mistake of Toynami with the cockpit section simply folding down... something that CM's did correctly. I wish you luck on this project, this would be fun for customizing and most definitely creating a Shadow Beta/Dark Tread.
  5. 505thAirborne

    Hi-Metal R

    Wake me up when SV-51's & VF-11B/11C's are announced.
  6. I'm amazed that Keenan Thompson didn't break, especially all the background actors. As one YouTuber commented, "Those are some STONE-FACED background actors."
  7. That's what made it so hilarious, watching Heidi Gardner absolutely lose it was comedy gold. I'm convinced that during the dress rehearsal Mikey Day didn't look like that.
  8. For those who want the 50th Anniversary VF-1J, may the Toy God's smile upon you in getting one. As for me, I'll pass & keep patiently waiting for a Cannon Fodder VF-1A.
  9. Thank you for clarifying that, I wasn't sure if it was all 171's or just the Nightmare. I might have to get one of these revivals, if anything else it includes the Armor.
  10. The reviews & information provided are always worth the wait. Unless I missed it, how are the triangles on this revival version? I do like how Bandai fixed the wing/hard point issue, having to swap out the wings was always a strange option.
  11. @jenius delivers another awesome review!!
  12. Hi all, since the VF-2JA is the subject here I had a question, if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to correct me. There are some 3D Printed 2JA files online, my question is, if you do NOT have a 3D printer, is there another way to get one made?
  13. Congrats on having this awesome VF-2JA kit, I didn't know a 1/72 existed. Come om Bandai, get off your Duff and make this amazing Valk a reality, HMR or DX, I'm good either way.
  14. Sad to see Masters of the Air come to an end, but it was a hell of a ride. After waiting for years for this series to release, I can't help feeling you wish there were a few more episodes still to come.
  15. This is my new series for now, this was on Adult Swim last night and I immediately liked it. I found it online & just watched 4 episodes in a row, it's been a while since I've done that.
  16. Same here, the last episode is 1 hour & 20 minutes long, so quite a bit to wrap up in that time frame. I hope the very end is similar to BoB & The Pacific, where we see pictures & perhaps vintage interview clips of the original pilots & crew.
  17. SHOGUN... is amazing. Watch it on Hulu if you have it so don't have to see 6 million commercials.
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