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  1. Take a good look at Gendo during his flash back. His hair, his school uniform, younger face & love of piano. You'll also notice after his reconciliation that he was wrong to reject Shinji/Yui was always a part of Shinji/with him/etc something very interesting happens. The focus instantly shifts to Kowaru with Kaji handling his "interview." During the course of it, Kaji treats Kowaru exactly the same way he treats Gendo. We're even taken to Gendo's office with Kowaru sitting behind his desk being called "Commander Nagisa." Rebuild Kowaru's additional obsession with reconciling a happy ending for Shinji is called out as trying to find happiness for himself proxy through Shinji, which in itself is a bit strange since Kowaru fundamentally isn't much more "lived" than Rei. The finale has Shinji pairing the clone of his mother up with Kowaru, someone we now have some pointed evidence to be a clone of Gendo. Whether his soul is purely that of Adam, if Gendou & Yui have always been Adam & Lilith, or at some point during the repeated cycles they replaced the originals is still somewhat of a question mark. But now that we have negative realities being tapped into with Gendo & Yui each tapping into that power, it's definitely possible. And that's still not getting into how many times these events have played out on how many worlds.Yui didn't seem to get away with a spear to colonize another world this time, but we know she has before.
  2. The first go-round Gendo only had enough time to implant the embryo in his hand, content to use Rei to take him along into the original Lilith to take the place of Adam's soul and take control of Lilith to either join Yui on her trip, or pin her down into instrumentality. Rebuild Gendo has had time to fully integrate his body into an Angel. He wasn't manipulating timeliness, just transcending into an anti-universe to pull the power he needed to succeed, until Yui put him in his place again, putting Shinji once again into the position of power. Me, I'm just still dumbfounded that I was right about Kowaru being Gendo.
  3. You guys aren't thinkin' "Netflix" enough!
  4. We all know it'a going to be Millie Bobby Brown, why are they even pretending to hide it.
  5. Odd that they teased so many of the one-off characters, but fine so far.
  6. Valk-y-rie Wal-ku-re Yami(Darkness)-Q-Ray
  7. Those chairs are completely wrong way to botch another one Netflix! 😏
  8. So you're saying Max is a red herring, and it's actually Basara who will pop up to save the day? New tagline, "When Valkure fails, he'll return to fight fire wirh FIYA!"
  9. Aside from hearing from Kamjin that old Zentradi are only good for framing "misfired" on then disposing of, the only otheradvanced aged Zentradi we've seen are Bodolza, Britai & Exedol. Aside from Bodolza, the other two are still kicking in tthe 2060's, so it isn't something I'd write off.
  10. That in itself is the proof, additional Zentradi of similar age with youthful appearance.
  11. There's also the decidedly young Clore fleet that were rivals with Milia while she was in the Laplamiz fleet.
  12. Being Macronized/Micloned clearly enhanced Max's body, slowed his aging to near Zentradi levels.
  13. Uh-huh, that's just his kids taking her in and covering for him so Milia doesn't find out he ran off again and killing him.
  14. All things considered, Max retired from the 7 fleet and popping up to teach his daughter how to be a better pilot "does" make sense.
  15. I'm gonna make an major left field theory on what "The Witch From Mercury" is about. I imagine it'll feature the daughter of Scirocco Paptimus after being ousted from the Jupiter mining fleet after her fathers failed coup, she was raised in the harsh Mercury-someyhingerother-fleet, and returns as an adult to take her revenge on the Earth Sphere. Also, this could be placed after Hathaway, and detail the events that finally lead to the isolated state we see things in during Victory. Bonus points it it has old man Kamille or his progeny.
  16. Finally, a modern take on a Zaku I throwing boulders. "■2022 - Official announcement of a new movie, “Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island” Directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the film focuses on episode 15, “Cucuruz Doan’s Island” from “Mobile Suit Gundam” and depicts it from a new angle with plans of release in theaters for 2022. "Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island" official website URL: http://g-doan.net/"
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