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  1. Maybe, I mean even the best of us at MW have complaints about even the most perfect valk. All I can really say is how I feel about Palladium's final product. 1) I wanted to play this game. 2) It's extremely unlikely that I'll play on account of the time commitment required to build the micro-valks. 3) Given the time investment, I'm certainly not going to buy any additional figures. In the meantime, I'm going to play the X-Wing tabletop game instead. Hey Palladium :)
  2. My Valkyrie Wing set arrived today. As mentioned earlier, there are way, way, WAY too many parts for a figure of this size. Yeah, it provides for more posing options, but this seems absurdly over the top. It almost feels like the number of parts actively discourages gamers from playing, since, for me, building three micro-valks suddenly just turned into a laborious experience.
  3. Doesn't really look like it yellowed to me. There are actually many shades of "white", and it's likely that the Alto "white" is normally just more "blue" than the "white" used for Hikaru.
  4. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    Nose removal like the old 1/48s?
  5. Guess they're having some trouble keeping the back of the fuselage together?
  6. @Saburo - I'm thinking that it was stressed coming out of the box and snapped when I picked it up. Box was factory sealed, so I don't think there was any funny business. Still a bummer regardless.
  7. Whoosh, I like everything about the VF-19 except the shoulder pods. They look disproportionate. I like the color scheme of the VF-29B, but I'm not a fan of the overall airframe, so I'm probably gonna pass on that one.
  8. So, I was super stoked to put my long-boxed Armored Parts finally onto Ozma and then then happened...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stupid flimsy weapons pylons.
  9. Is it worth mocking up with the proper intake shape but not the holes?
  10. CoreyD

    3P SD VF-1S

    I like it! I'm into the way the 3P Macross Universe is going so far!
  11. Oh man a 1:18 VF1. I don't care how much space I'd have to clear to make room, I'd totally buy it.
  12. I picked up a set of VF-25S Armor Parts not too long ago off of Amazon. The set came from California. Domestic shipping all the way.
  13. Let me see if I can find my Baron Von Joy next time I'm back at my parent's house. I remember not liking it a whole lot, so it's probably not in horrible shape. It might be a while until I'm back again, but if I can find it, I can send it to you for super cheap.
  14. Yeah they were 5" figures, right? I had a larger metal one that turned into a Porsche.
  15. I think bandai's initial planning was realized with the release of the yf-30.
  16. My SD SDF-1 came from Robotkingdom and the box was a dinged up as well. The box cardboard is fairly flimsy, much more so than a bandai or yamatarcadia box, so I'm not surprised that a large number are dinged up. For me, the box goes in the closet. The SD SDF-1 goes on my shelf. I'm ok with that!
  17. The cow skull sorta bugs me, but the yellow matches the tailfins pretty nicely.
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