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  1. Oh I was just having a little fun. I didn't intend my comment to be serious.
  2. After getting burned with FO3 and FONV, I'm gonna wait like a year for Bethesda to sort out all the game breaking bugs.
  3. Maybe they're showing everything they no longer have licenses for?
  4. Watch out, grey is a notoriously tricky color to dye. The results can end up more purple than grey.
  5. Well, now that I've seen it up close I can say that I love the Valk, but I don't really like the paint job. Hopefully some of the other schemes will be more appealing.
  6. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    I would be more interested in a quamzin that could ride the destroid monster!
  7. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    Unless arcadia does a vf5000, think this is basically the end of my 1/60 macross interests and the start of my 1/100 interests!
  8. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    Canon or not, I actually like the grey better.
  9. I'm really torn on this one. I really want to keep my VF-2SS order, if only because, good or bad, no one is ever going to try this again given how many of us are cancelling pre-orders. We can talk about what a great job Bandai or Arcadia would do, but why would they even both to take the risk?
  10. If they parts-formed it or had a detachable plate, then we'd all be complaining about that.
  11. Makes it even more silly that a rogue a-wing knocked out a super star destroyer, eh? What is this auxiliary control you speak of?
  12. CoreyD

    Hi-Metal R

    Maybe if it sells well they'll do the scout pod.
  13. Nice Cannondale, Kicker. Beware the dark path of competitive cycling. One of the few hobbies that makes Macross collecting look cheap!
  14. I've always loved the prowl as lambo concept, so yeah, I ordered that.
  15. Yeah man, sometimes I get this weird vibe like people would actually celebrate Arcadia going out of business. I get that Bandai and Arcadia have their respective fans, but more Macross is better in my mind.
  16. What was the release date on the gbp armor? If the hypothesis on licensing is correct, then arcadia would've lost the license not long after?
  17. Hard to continue and grow a game that's initial difficulty is simply getting the play pieces assembled.
  18. One of the most surprising parts for me was how much waste is created. Obviously, I know that there is going to be waste involved in any manufacturing process, but I had no clue that 3/4 of the used plastic/metal material became scrap.
  19. Really? The reason they made those 100000 piece kits is bc of studio nue? It really only hurts them to make the kits so hard to assemble. If they were quick and easy, people would be buying more to army build. More purchases, more money for palladium, more fun for the players, everybody wins. Nope, didn't happen
  20. I was disappointed when I discovered that the yf-19 super parts didn't use magnets, and they really REALLY needed to use them there. I guess it's not a huge deal that they didn't use them on the VF0A, but it's such a strange part to cut out of the renewal version.
  21. With Arcadia's focus on the Macross Zero franchise, I'd love to see a 1/60 UN Spacy F-14, but yeah, will never happen.
  22. Both the VF-0A and the VF-0S are expensive, sure. But at that price point, it's hard to complain about something being approx $15 more than another.
  23. Yep, got my order in the mail, opened the box, said "nope", left it on the shelf.
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