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  1. I have no idea where to put this, so I'll stick it here: Interesting Valkyrie Transformation
  2. Ok, I'm good with accepting that the technology level in DYRL is the standard for the years after SDFM. The rest of the timelines I'm completely unfamiliar with. But this finally puts DYRL in some sort of context. To me, continuity is important. As it is, there is no way to reconcile DYRL with SDFM without . And other shows like Plus are completely cut-off, unless they're also a show within a show...which I don't think I have the stomach for...
  3. So, you're saying that DYRL was filmed years after the events of the original series using the current VF series models, which would include final production trainers and AWACS? I dunno...
  4. Non-canon sources aside, the biggest problem I have with many of the ideas proposed here is that it includes DYRL as part of the original timeline. Am I confused about what DYRL represents in terms of the original series?
  5. But the VE-1 ELINT was only in DYRL, right?
  6. When was the VEFR-1 "Funny Chinese" featured in SDF Macross? I don't remember seeing it.
  7. Ok, so it makes sense to presume they were organized like the US Navy - each plane type has its own squadrons that fulfill the designated role. In this case, the Elint acts as an E-2 Hawkeye and that's all that squadron does. Interesting how they decided to use a fighter for that role. An F-15 would never even be considered for anything like that.
  8. Anybody know if there was any info on what squadrons had Elints and what their deployment spread was supposed to be? Were they in their own squadrons or did each squadron have a couple?
  9. Yeah, that's what someone was telling me.
  10. Yes, I'm joking. But don't kid yourself - you need a respirator for water based acrylics as well. They're just as bad for you. Yeah, it takes a while to get the propellant out of the paint.
  11. That's why I'm talking about decanting. I can't get the color I want in a jar - acrylic or otherwise. Decanting lacquer paint from a can gives me more paint, airbrush ready paint, the color I want, no tip dry and a nice contact high. It's a win-win. It's even cheaper if you can find a can of real paint at the hardware store. By the way, Tamiya's AS paint description says they're "synthetic lacquers".
  12. That tears it... I'm going to have to make my own decanting frame if I'm going to do this with any frequency. Also going to have to figure out how to mix the same colors using various other paints as I don't like acrylics. I think for the time being, I'm going to have to cheat and use the stock Testors colors that I already have. I can live with that for these little models. Since we're on the subject - I've never seen anyone on Youtube decant the way I do: Turn the can upside-down and depress the nozzle until all of the propellant has been released. While depressing the nozzle of the can which is still upside down, use a can opener on the bottom of the can. Use the kind of can opener that gives a nice cut so there are no sharp edges. Pull the bottom of the can off. DONE. This can actually be done pretty easily if you've got a friend.
  13. Does Tamiya not offer their sprays in regular jar form for airbrushing? For example, my model calls for AS-5. I don't want a spray can of the stuff! I suppose I could decant it...
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