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  1. Well, mine arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I think the color totally works. The fact that the old yamato weapons don't fit is sorta a bummer, but I have "zero" (har har) regrets!
  2. All aircraft have a pitot tube. Tells ya how fast you're going.
  3. I'd at least like to see the directions posted, since, as mentioned, we will never see an official macross Lego kit in our lifetime.
  4. I actually have the mpc blue legioss and tread if you're interested.
  5. I just want some photos of the official release version!
  6. I just got my payment request from HLJ. Seems sorta anticlimactic after experiencing the power of the YetiStand!
  7. I'm definitely holding out for the Bandai version.
  8. I have no idea how factory colors work for plastics. Can you just show them a book of pantone colors and they have a formula to mix the colors in a certain ratio?
  9. I was already logged in on AmiAmi when the '19 got posted and I was able to start the checkout process, but got cart jacked.
  10. I got a copy from CDJ. Super strange that there's nothing on NY.
  11. The wacky adventures of Ripley and the Colonial Marines!
  12. Is that grey just from dye or did you paint over it as well?
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