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    SCOOP thread!

    I think this thread has already mentioned several what was posted at Tomopop: http://tomopop.com/reserve-or-regret-import-pre-orders-for-6-26-7-2-19990.phtml
  2. Excellent work, and I should raise a toast for this one (make that cold-brewed Tiger). BTW, better start watermarking the pics, because this is an exclusive.
  3. I don't know if this qualifies, but this is probably Risa Ebata's first major artwork outside of the Frontier saga: (From 『Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica』 Special Fanbook (Megami #135 2001-08)) IMHO, working on Frontier honed her skills to a finer degree, which shows nicely in that pic. Lovely.
  4. Will watch Bakemonogatari and Denpa Onna after dinner and washing dishes.
  5. Enjoyed the ride till the WTF ending. The most surprising coincidence about Sucker Punch and Madoka Magica is the uncanny similarity between the heroines and the plot; I mean, there's no way the scriptwriters from either side of the pond knew what was in the other writer's mind .
  6. Sounds like it's no different from the burning fanwankery of V's Evangelion tent-revival panel at Boston some months ago.
  7. This should really be a double-disc special, plus a special Drama disc where they're all gathered for the first time in decades, talking as if they're old friends.
  8. Last week, I did a bit of remixing Diamond Crevasse (Triple Nickel), the Nyan-Nyan Medley (Operation Linebacker 25; from Wings of Goodbye) and Don't Be Late (SOS Air Attack Vehicle) separately, with audio clips recorded from CNN's coverage of the bomb run over Baghdad in 1991, the radio transmission of an F-16 pilot dodging SAMs, background audio of a ship's CIC, Sheryl and Alto's conversation in Episode 24, and a smattering of F/A-18 sounds from the flight deck and Blue Angels' aerobatic demo... The results were mindblowing.
  9. That was winning service over 9000.
  10. ^ There was a voice command system like that years before, which allowed certain voices and phrases spoken into the mike to be mapped to command and combo keys. With advances in voice processing, it should be possible to have adequate amount of interaction with the NPCs. BTW, I'd rather have the radio chatter on, as it adds to the atmosphere (I find the radio chatter on Wings Over Europe okay).
  11. Have you used Memtest86? If not, I'd suggest you get it from their site, then burn the ISO to CD, before inserting it in the drive and let it boot (the DVD drive must be the first to boot and can be set from the BIOS).
  12. From the sound of your joyride, along with what I watched on YT, she can darn well set the stage on fire, be it in MacF or in real life, and so priceless. Yep, she has excellent performance in any place!
  13. After examining the placement of labels and modex numbers in the VF-25 data file, I came up with this basic, low-visibility job: I'm also making corrections on the earlier works, and have to plan carefully when placing the Armor Pack and FAST Pack options, as these will take time to draw. OBTW, this is the template PSD that I can allow for everyone to expand on (fonts used: Gotham, Helvetica LT CondensedBlack, AmarilloUSAF, USAAF_Serial_Stencil and USAAF_Stencil) and let their imaginations go wild: http://www.mediafire.com/?ddnqqqpp3ucfdd0
  14. http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2011/05/31/itag-fest-2011-report-part-one-start-your-engines Has this feature been mentioned here before (been a few weeks old)? If not, then I strongly approve of the car representing Ranka. That was the bomb!
  15. SAOTOME ALTO: Guide and Maintenance Manual (Teen) Also... SHERYL NOME: Guide and Maintenance Manual (Teen) Both by steshin Those one-shot fics really left me laughing, as it appears that the author and his/her friend unknowingly got the idea from those Minmay dolls. Also found there are well-contrived acronyms. They very well sum up all of the characters' attributes in a nutshell. There should be a Ranka unit to complete the combo!
  16. I agree, and I have a few to add: (1) Any fic drafts and snippets, as well as poetry, should be put into places like Pastebin.com and make a link from there; I don't want to stuff a post with a wall of text. (2) Linked texts should not contain the any offensive content, including: limes and lemons (all types), extreme violence, gore, racism, excessive use of profanity, etc. (3) Links to fics must be rated using a system based on Fanfiction.net's content rating system (K, K+, T, M). (4) Has to be Macross, no more, no less. @frothymug: your MacF fic is about the only best in FF.net I've read so far; only issue about is providing lines for the dialogue to make it more readable (see Part 4 of Crimson Goddess' and KawaiiChare's "(Not-so) Easy ways to turn a Crapfic into a Greatfic", which I've used as a reference guide for writing my NGE fic). Here's an example on how a part of the dialogue is fixed: http://pastebin.com/u3yyacTr
  17. *nods* I see. Fanfiction, unfortunately to some, does have the tendency to deviate from the norms of what we call 'canon', as these works attempt to expand on the existing universe, or to resolve an open-ended issue, or to satisfy a much-desired pairing (never in my life I've seen Frontier fans debate over as to whether Alto belongs either to Ranka or Sheryl -- those bloody shipping wars!) while simultaneously hate the other girl in the love triangle; or give the Messiah a non-canon weapon that's all too stupidly powerful that it obliterates all of the Vajra in one shot; or kill a much-loved character by some deranged unknown psycho (*cough* I found such a darkfic and it was a horrible surprise); and the author would self-insert himself into the story and proceed to wreak havoc. At the same time, because most of them are small (only a few chapters) and tend to be written by first-timers who don't know jack about grammar and pre-reading, they often end up unreadable. Those are what I want to avoid while writing, and every fic writer worth his salt should make the fic as believable and entertaining as the anime they watched.
  18. That's odd. Offtopic -- on the issue of copyright: Some authors publish their fics on their blogs, or pages, or in forums, provided that there's a full disclaimer tacked on top, and sometimes the Creative Commons graphic (indicating that the work is derivative from a copyrighted work yet clearly not intended for profit; for more information see http://creativecommons.org/). At Evageeks.org, which is currently the largest repository of Evangelion information around, the site owner operates the blog, the Wiki and the forum under Creative Commons, as none of us -- binding to a Fair Use policy -- intend to make a buck from the copyrighted Gainax/Khara material we use on-site (mostly low-resolution scans and screenshots and translations of source material such as the Newtype 100% production book); the same policy is applied to fanfiction published in the forum's subsection -- as long as we credit the creators, both on the written and on the graphics. Of course to keep the site nonprofit, advertising is not allowed. For further info on the legality of fanfiction, the following links can help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_issues_with_fan_fiction http://transformativeworks.org/faq/legal http://www.chillingeffects.org/fanfic/ http://chillingeffects.org/fanfic/faq.cgi#QID310 http://fanlore.org/wiki/Legal_Analysis http://fanlore.org/wiki/Fair_Use Anyway, since the rules here are strictly enforced, and finally knowing the sordid reasons, from this point onward I'll have no choice; can't argue with City Hall. @frothymug: a decent fic can be produced, as long as it adheres to canon and proper rules of grammar, throughly researched with information coming from official sources, and more importantly it has to stand out differently; no one wants to read the SOS kind of fic made from the same boilerplate, and it's a matter of having some discriminating taste, hence the necessity of fanfic recs -- to recommend really great stuff to read.
  19. Sorry for me giving this thread the off-topic Frankenstein treatment, but tonight I was trying to find any Macross Frontier fanfic recs (recommendations) and was quite surprised there was none except for a few. Looking further around, I realized that there weren't any discussion of fanfics, and indeed, me being disappointed, it seems that little or nobody tries to bring in a truly worthwhile fic on the MWF table, being that the general consensus here is that fanfiction means mediocrity. As a part-time NGE fanfic writer, I've seen my share of crummy fics (the 90% that works wonders only to indulge the fantasies of a fan, hence terms such as 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stu', or depiction of unrealistically overpowered heroes or mechs) and therefore read such fics only when I need to know why they don't work (and get some brain bleach thereafter). Then there's the crossovers, the slashfics, and the aforementioned author-created characters (ACCs) that outshine the canon characters, some of which are so laughable that they get MST3K'd for comedy gold. Not all fic writers are clueless, though; a small percentage of these individuals -- being dedicated fiction readers and some of them are pros who take time off from original fiction -- take their homework very seriously, going as far as to do some lengthy research work to make sure the fic is written properly and adhere to certain restrictions (in my case, good NGE fanfic writers that I know of have taken to create a set of rules, which includes keeping strictly to canon, asking for beta reader help, knowing about the proper mechanics of basic fiction writing, and ensuring there are no out-of-character characters or sickening Mary Sues lest it's a comedy/satire fic; of course it has become obligatory for me to peruse Stephen King's On Writing or William Strunk's guidebook). These are the diamonds-in-the-rough fics that are set apart from the sea of mediocrity, the masterpieces that you can love reading again and at the same time professionally written and comparable to the paperbacks you also enjoy while on bed at home on a rainy day. And in a nutshell, whenever I'm about to write something I intend not to be like the million others who write on a whim; I want to bring out a proper piece of fanfiction that even the hardcore fan could approve of after reading. Now going back to topic, only when I finally secure the whole MSDF saga for serious viewing do I begin on a new project (and only once I finish the three fics in the FF.net pipeline first, as one of which has reached 34 chapters so far); I don't want to write something or about somebody that I haven't seen yet, not until I finish watching the whole anime so I could get the whole story and characters firmly burned into my brain. So right now I'm digging around in another forum for any worthwhile MacF fics to read, before I cast my net further afar.
  20. Amazing! Given that your project takes a big deal of effort to make and tweak, it's always good judgment to backup that stuff periodically to CD or DVD rewritables.
  21. Ah, the prototype! I'm taking a bit of some time to correct mistakes in previous renders, using some new references at hand. In addition, I'm trying to create a standardized template PSD that allows for a greater number of combinations and extended customization, while keeping some common elements intact. Also... With the data file on the Messiah, there's a good page in which how the standardized modex and bureau numbers, and precautionary labels are made and placed accordingly.
  22. In any case I bookmarked that thread for reference (planning a fic to be written sometime in a couple of years).
  23. Thanks, 'tol, for checking that area. Offtopic1: We know that the better and genuine anime merch are found at Greenhills. Offtopic2: No thanks to the TV stations, Naruto/DBZ/Bleach/One Piece, Korean pop culture, Taiwanese soap operas and young divas are more profitable. Which is why in these days the Philippine anime scene is still the fringe compared to what we've seen at our ASEAN neighbors. On-topic: Anyway, if there's nothing that can allow HG's dirty mitts to touch here, now that you checked the trademarks database and all's clear, I think this (even if it sounds like a pipe dream) should be the right time to bring SDF or Frontier right up here, but only after either Hero TV or Animax make direct, serious negotiations with BW/Satelite... Again, thanks.
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