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  1. You saying about disliking Starship Troopers is a testament to the continuing capacity of the book to provoke controversy and debate; the rightist ideology discussed inside is as provoking as communism. That other book was written as an antithesis, due to the author's experience with the Vietnam War, and then I remember watching Jarhead a few times, along with memories of The Pacific (both TV series and companion book).
  2. @chillyche: you're right, your fic takes a different approach and location by focusing back to Earth, somewhat almost forgotten by the mass migration to the stars, along with the resulting negative effects impacting the economy and society (of those left behind). After Chapter 3, I wonder what comes up next. Will wait for an update.
  3. I'm thinking about those planet-sucking, resource-hungry invaders from Independence Day.
  4. Long time, no see. Actually I go online once in a while, three times every week. But anyway, this here was based on a very interesting milestone back in the Vietnam War: CDR Stoddard's famous VA-25 Toilet Bomb! As a bonus, did this too (it's okay if you want to print it as a decal):
  5. If that happens, well... I think all comers will have to contend with the so-called "Itano Circus", several times more severe than QAAM-spam from Su-47s in Ace Combat 6 multiplayer. I would love the challenge, if only I have my own PS3 to begin with.
  6. THIS SPELLS EPIC! I'm sold on this!
  7. I have a snippet of a documentary about one of the first female Tomcat jocks on duty, hence I'm toying with that idea; first Sheryl has to be trained on the finer points of flying and fighting, then she'll have to go on a checkout ride with Klan on the backseat (as her instructor); it doesn't take days but a several months, even within SMS, unless during a state of emergency and there's an acute shortage of pilots.
  8. Just a few more things I realized as I was planning on writing my own MacF story (perhaps after working on my current NGE-based saga): 1.) For starters and if you want good examples on how military aviation fiction is written (not to mention structure, prose and dialogue, etc.), I recommend reading solid stories from the following authors: a.) Ward Carroll (Punk's Fight, etc.) b.) Stephen Coonts (Flight of the Intruder) c.) Mark Berent (the Rolling Thunder series) I doubt about using live-action movies as good guides, especially the more recent ones, but documentaries are better for getting the proper feel of authenticity. 2.) I also recommend picking up Stephen King's On Writing; highly instructive. 3.) Terminologies such as brevity codes may add some extra authenticity, along with proper descriptions of combat engagements as depicted in stories by the aforementioned authors in #1. 4.) In-depth research is a must, as it provides a solid foundation and detail to a story. This also includes expert advice from experienced combat aviators. OBTW, don't be afraid of trying to place Ranka (preferably macronized) or Sheryl into the cockpit as combatants, as we keep in mind one of Kurt Vonnegut's dictums: "No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them in order that the reader may see what they are made of."
  9. Fixed. My bad. I was so darned eager to bring in this piece of shocking nice news. (sweatdrop)
  10. I was speechless, then I was like: DAMN! (SPOILER WARNING!) http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/08/01/macross_f_trailer/ (SPOILER WARNING!)
  11. Has anyone got a hold of this already? (SPOILER WARNING!) http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/08/01/macross_f_trailer/ (SPOILER WARNING!) THIS.
  12. Offtopic: does anyone here use Google Sketchup? Trying it out so that I might use it for work. Besides, I stumbled upon Kazu's creations and my eyes popped out like marbles: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=97eb9cf6c8a11a389967b23b351d6841 Ontopic: been too busy lately.
  13. I see. But even then it looks so damn awesome: http://www.japanator.com/macross-frontier-live-event-inside-playstation-home-19964.phtml
  14. In essence, many hands (and brilliant minds) make light work, and which is probably why this saga will be sticking around for a very long time.
  15. The "squatters" will not prosper in their scheming, as long as the stigma of being anime "landgrabbers" remain until they file for bankruptcy.
  16. The problem with the ANN database and Wikipedia is that, because they're in the public, anyone can tamper with the data, which is why I regard those two sites as having secondary sources and take them with a grain of salt.
  17. Suggestion: News updates can be put in a blog form (preferably Wordpress) so it's easy to add information on the go. Besides being highly customizable, the blog can also act as the main page.
  18. From Newtype 2011-08: Wow. Sheryl and Ranka still has some real staying power (also happy that two of my other favorite characters are also on the rankings).
  19. I checked out Volume 3... and, WHOA! I'm surprised with some of the twists.
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