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  1. Pretty much cleaned out. SoL. Also, no photos no vids at live performance. Rules, of course.
  2. Okay, better prep for the autograph session (will check who should be allowed to get signed) https://twitter.com/CosplayManiaPH/status/1043077511134031872
  3. Sorry, but let's just say good riddance. https://www.polygon.com/2018/3/2/17071612/robotech-rpg-tactics-kickstarter-disaster-palladium-books
  4. This is so strongly Macross Frontier, peeps.
  5. Glad to meet him 3 decades after watching the original series. Dayum, the greatest honor one can get in this lifetime. Actually he's present throughout the whole weekend for the signing sessions, but the better icing on the cake was the symposium.
  6. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Sorry if I just got back after a very long time, and a bit too late to post, but this weekend, and especially this Sunday, we'll be having none other than Shoji Kawamori at APCC right in Manila; he'll be holding a workshop and Q&A starting at 2:00pm Manila Standard Time, and as an aside there's also a small exhibit featuring some of his work. https://www.facebook.com/apccmanila/
  7. They could've turned the event as a way to raise funds for charity. I came so close.... so close.
  8. Yes, I did pledged a large sum from my week's bonanza to the local Red Cross to help the victims, but I didn't expect them to pull the plug all the sudden out of severe austerity.
  9. ^ That makes sense. I understand that many young Japanese performers -- whether they're actors, singers, idols, or seiyuu -- have contractual obligations required by their agency, to ensure that their public image stay intact. Earlier, I was wondering what was going on and then this news. Now if she's making a serious reassessment of her future career and choices she'll make, I'll respect her decisions, whatever they would be. If that includes going back to her roots, then we're ready and the door's open.
  10. Have enough paycheck for Sunday, where I'll be roaring up to Trinoma Mall and see May'n live and in person. http://www.animax-asia.com/phcarnival/
  11. Man, I wonder why it took, ahem, HG to wait for a very long time before suing (I watched the show back in '84), unless they deliberately waited until the right moment to attack. Anyway, the other good news I paid attention to was the SDCC screening of AKB0048. https://twitter.com/AKB0048_ura/status/360225631428030464
  12. http://www.animenews...ve-no-jail-time *facepalm* And those apologists as usual.
  13. My toast is raised to those who lived through it, worked on the saga (and some who try to forget their involvement), and those who passed from this world. We stand with our glasses ready. KAMPAI.
  14. Whatever it is, all this news will eventually reach the other side of the planet, and I'm sure right now 2ch is looking into it like bears to honey. It may not amount to an easy victory, but even then it's still significant. I hope I live long enough before the whole franchise be returned to the real people (even to their heirs should they soon pass from this earth) who made it by their minds and hands, not the money-grubbing pretenders, squatters and the poseurs.
  15. Damn right. Japanese companies are known for scrutinize a partner's rep. Also, I lol'd at the HG apologists. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/bbs/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1217357&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  16. It's just the beginning of the end for them. For further discussion, go to this thread.
  17. Such perfect timing, people. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-10-26/harmony-gold-founder/robotech-producer-sentenced-for-tax-fraud
  18. Clarification: I think that's the idol group's (they're everywhere ) informal 2D (animation/ACG) club, and thus fans of the show; at least two members lent their voices to the 0048 series, so that counts as an IOU to Kawamori.
  19. Seems that it'll be some challenge to trace out this YF-29 here: http://tamashii.jp/item/1815/
  20. This just in, especially to those living in Honolulu. http://www.animenews...jima-kazuki-yao This could be your next shot to meet Ranka in person.
  21. ...In the weirdest places? I don't know if they've been posted here before, but these two air show vids might be the better places:
  22. This is why we have games like Fallout (to explore a postapocalyptic world), and some of us watch old TV shows and old anime. Truth is, I hardly watched any new TV programs (they seem to be look... boring), and didn't bother about watching what my sister's family leech off to watch. Also, judging from the preview vid, the premise sounds too close to Jericho, which kind of gone nowhere after guessing too long as to who started what caused the collapse of America. And... does The Postman -- THAT movie -- ring a bell?
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