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  1. That was some crackfic right up there.
  2. Despite that Lagrange introduces nothing new, innovative, or something earthshaking, the general feeling I had after watching was of... total joy. I mean, from start to end it was pretty entertaining. Sure, there's some service, but it's given out in proper amounts. Megu really shines on both the OP and ED, they're positive in both outlook and tone (heck, it's like listening to Ranka once again with a "new" album but double the energy!). Of course there will be some naysayers who say the show isn't enough compared to established brands/franchises, but then after a lifetime of seeing several pilots with emotional problems with dysfunctional backgrounds, I find it rather refreshing there's a heroine with a nice body, a genki/positive attitude despite being a bit clumsy, Gonna admit I'm more interested in the characters beneath the mech. Lagrange is one of my favorites for this season. BTW, for US viewers, you can access Lagrange at Viz.
  3. Even when that proposed movie was first announced, I wasn't quite interested, having seen too many cartoon-to-movie/anime-to-movie adaptations fall flat or wind up dead before actual shooting could commence.
  4. My sincerest condolences, bro. But we're still behind you while keeping this initiative alive.
  5. First VF-25 NUNS variant with USAF-style markings and a RAM-gray paintjob, a marked improvement to the earlier one-off profile of a SEAL-style SMS spec-ops unit. I thought of it while still brainstorming for a fanfic, in which (post-Vajra War) NUNS created a new elite special operations unit (patterned after the "Diamond Force") as a counterpart (and potential rival) to the famous and colorful Skull and Pixie Teams, but in response SMS Frontier is about to add a new Team with selected members gathered from other SMS units deployed in migration fleets.
  6. Some other site has already posted an interview with Chiwa Saitou and a small chat with Kalafina, but this I'm still really waiting for.
  7. Extraordinary work you got in there, Rafe. From the look of it, I think you have a very extensive background in graphic work, and I'm sure you used some techniques and references from illustrations of IRL aircraft art. I'm totally impressed. That's gonna be a case of Tecate!
  8. @Banshee: the whole unusual outfit kind of reminds me as if coming from a great classic war TV show (had experience with Dirty Dozen and ol' Combat, although I've yet to see Baa Baa Black Sheep and Hogan's Heroes), especially some potentially colorful characters. Sounds very promising!
  9. $419 is too much! Her SRP back then was just around $60-80, after I checked here: http://www.hobby-wave.com/LINE_UP/kanseihin/2009/minmay/index.html Are they that rare? *blinks*
  10. I think you already know that Kawamori worked on Eureka 7, so no surprises when Q went on doing the Banzai Pipeline.
  11. Not really good if the single nuke engine blows out in deep space, which is why it's practical for all naval aviation aircraft to have two engines (with the other to serve as a spare at 50% max power should either one fails), and thus we're always seeing VFs with twin engines.
  12. Should've done this before, but here's my remix of the medley, and my take on Diamond Crevasse.
  13. This may be some weeks ago, but Kawamori and Ehime tribute illustrations are included in Pixar 25th anniversary book: http://www.animenews...e-to-pixar-book
  14. I'll raise a glass to that gesture. She's becoming a little more like Sheryl at her nicest and finest.
  15. No prob, I can glass (read: Halo-style erase) the whole map and rebuild, what with gazilllion simoleons to spare. It took me half a day to create the terrain map from the Chronicles article and then made some readjustments using the freeware SC3K terrain editor. If I could get a hold of Simcity 4 and the Rush Hour expansion pack, it would be even nicer.
  16. Island One recreated in Simcity 3000: EDIT: Island One - revised...
  17. You know, with that kind of immense creative power it's possible to go further by creating master molds from out of the fixed prototypes, and from there manufacture some limited-run add-on kits and even replacement parts that would be otherwise hard to find. In other words, everything is possible.
  18. I don't know if this is really a Macross movie or a continuity, but I remember watching this on FEN (Far East Network PI, now called AFN, back when the US military bases were present in the Philippines as late as 1991) as a schoolkid, when this film begins with a wedding ceremony, and I could readily recognize Hikaru and Misa right there. Is this DYRL?
  19. Today from drmchsr0: From @tangerinepops: http://twitpic.com/7cxm6u
  20. During research for the MF fic, I've been playing much of The Supremes while reading up on anything about the AKB girls (the AKB49 manga is a very good place to start, to appreciate how things work out from behind the scenes), and then I recalled episodes of China Beach and Tour of Duty, and got a few pretty good ideas (plot bunnies) from there. Damn, I could imagine the OP would look like as I'm playing it in my head.
  21. ^ 1.) Nyaa.eu shall answer your prayers. Oh, man... and don't forget to update your CCCP and install some specialized codecs 'cause them subbers are stubbornly sticking to Hi10p. http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/?p=205#guide 2.) Once you have DL'd the movie, just watch to find out what happened.
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