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  1. From the album: Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    For all VF-25 variants; can only be mounted on any of the four wing hardpoints. Can be adjusted as needed.
  2. From the album: Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    For Mike Buran's VF-25G model. Can be adjusted as needed.
  3. My bad. How could I miss that head turret? I'll see what I can do to fix that. Thanks for pointing out to me that there's some minute differences between the models. Update: fixed via Photoshop. Took some masking and the use of the path tool to remake the head portion.
  4. Final version of Sheryl's ship: Made corrections to the shadows, plus added extra "shine" to the upper part of the fuselage. Next project: Mikhail Buran and his strike bird, and hopefully add a special mission load -- a Fire Bomber audio system and hardpoint-mounted speakers -- for Ranka's debut on Gallia IV. Update: gonna have to figure out how to render the speakers and the Dragunov. For now... Added warning labels, safety reflector tape. Update 2: finally added the sniper rifle (took 3 hours) and speakers (easy da!): I love that episode, Ranka turning Zentraedi warfighters into little boys.
  5. Thanks! I'll try to add a little more oomph on the upper part. Gonna be on my to-do list. I found this little website useful for adding extra details such as warning and informative labels on the fuselage: http://www.rc-network.de/magazin/artikel_04/art_04-0040/art_04-0040-01.html OBTW, before I did the Messiah, I learned a few lessons from the VF-11C PSD template and recreated the paint scheme for the Philippine Air Force P-51 Mustang known as the "Shark of Zambales":
  6. Being a fanfic writer, I would've done a better look into Sheryl's past than this. Funny thing about the story in the first chapter is how it strongly reminded me of Marimite.
  7. Seems that Singapore is the only country within Southeast Asia that has the most visitations by J-pop singers. Damn, it's going to be a pipe dream for me to see Megumi Nakajima make her mark in Manila.
  8. The 'slator didn't got some of the terminologies right, as she probably picked up the manga and just worked on it immediately without asking for technical help. The manga, however badly written, is nevertheless a plausible look into Sheryl's dark past and how she became the biggest pop star in Galaxy.
  9. Hi guys, this is my first post here, after Frontier revived my interest in the saga. To start off, thanks to some of the pointers provided by this thread, this is my attempt at making a decent render of a VF-25 Messiah (for now, still WIP because of some shadow issues to deal with), a "what-if" scenario in which Sheryl joins the SMS: Actually, I made the line-art first in Coreldraw 12 before saving it as a Photoshop PSD with layers intact. After much of putting in the colors and the details, the PSD file ballooned to 7mb. Took me a day to make this. Tomorrow, I'll have to study the artbooks in order to recreate the Messiahs' schemes for the flyboys, and another to please Ranka Lee connoisseurs.
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