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  1. Thanks, 'tol, for checking that area. Offtopic1: We know that the better and genuine anime merch are found at Greenhills. Offtopic2: No thanks to the TV stations, Naruto/DBZ/Bleach/One Piece, Korean pop culture, Taiwanese soap operas and young divas are more profitable. Which is why in these days the Philippine anime scene is still the fringe compared to what we've seen at our ASEAN neighbors. On-topic: Anyway, if there's nothing that can allow HG's dirty mitts to touch here, now that you checked the trademarks database and all's clear, I think this (even if it sounds like a pipe dream) should be the right time to bring SDF or Frontier right up here, but only after either Hero TV or Animax make direct, serious negotiations with BW/Satelite... Again, thanks.
  2. You betcha, nostalgia has guaranteed potency. Edit/Sentiments: someday, I'd like to do a one-off MacF itasha-decal-and-detailing project on a jeepney.
  3. For tonight, I present to you guys, this time for a change... Originally, I wanted to go as close as possible to the original VFA-192 CAG bird while trying to follow the paint schemes in the data file, but decided to combine several versions. This after I stumbled on a curious Minmay sticker in the book section on the MW main site, and liked it. OBTW, Vince Arkady was one of the principal characters -- a Navy SAH-66 chopper jock -- in the naval warfare novel "Choosers of the Slain" by James Cobb.
  4. The attempts at making a live-action version of this saga reminds me much of that possibly shelved/aborted try at creating a live-action version of Evangelion (at Evageeks.org, we refer to this project as "LAEM"). *shakes head* Having seen many to-film adaptations over the years, and most of them didn't do well, there will be no surprises for me if this adaptation falls flat on its face because of the focus towards profits over artistic integrity while conveniently ignoring pleas from knowledgeable fans. ----------- OBTW, do the HG-carpetbaggers still have any jurisdiction over the Philippines? If so, we're out of luck just like the rest of the world, because some viewers are clamoring for a SDF revival over at a local anime channel, but I told them that it's highly improbable (including the rest of the saga, especially Frontier) due to the nasty legal entanglements.
  5. Can someone point me to a site (or sites) where there's discussion/information about the current legal status of the entire Macross franchise, as well as the troubled history about the legal quagmire which, to this day, does not allow Frontier to be released? It's because some misguided souls thought MacF could be released in the Philippines, and I want to correct that naive assumption.
  6. Hot damn! Having played much of the Ace Combat series (AC2, AC3, AC4 and AC6), I'd like to see that, too.
  7. Yep, Max first showed us how it's done, by having his Valk wear Zentraedi threads.
  8. The color schemes are hypothetical fanwank "what if" scenarios; it cannot be considered "canon", and thus more applicable to fanfiction and "fanon". For years I've read lots of fiction and non-fiction concerning naval aviation and military special operations, along with studies of real-life military technologies (and possible applications in the near future) and tactics, hence the idea of coming up with those two planes. No spec-ops warfighter wants to go around behind enemy lines with a paint scheme that makes him stick out in the open like a sore thumb. *sighs* I'd like to see some more ideas. Maybe I'll start with VFA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" and the classic "toilet" payload.
  9. Yep, the last few pages reminded me much of the plot of an average local soap opera on TV.
  10. No prob. Meanwhile I'm thinking up of some unusual color schemes, something I picked up while playing Heroes of the Pacific and Ace Combat 6, and watching video clips from the game Hawx. Edit: A "WHAT IF": I imagine a Navy SEAL-type squadron formed up -- in the style of the ol' Dancing Skulls -- after the last battle on the Vajra homeworld, consisting of the top pilots hand-picked from both NUNS and SMS, and led -- once more -- by Ozma Lee as their CAG: Low-viz variant High-viz flames variant Like night fighters of old, these spec-ops birds are painted with radar-absorbent dark gray, complemented by an additional later coating of special microscopic spheres filled with multicolor tints that can be manipulated electrically to change colors to blend into their surroundings (i.e. nebular clouds, asteroid fields, dust clouds, etc.); another layer of these spheres are made of iron fillings, useful for playing havoc with enemy radar returns. As expected by their mission requirements, they're heavily armed to the teeth, mostly with LAI-developed weaponry with designs based on previous combat experience. Brush Credits: http://guska076.deviantart.com/
  11. No, sir, it's not done by request -- I did the tweaking myself (and by experience I do desktop publishing work for more than a decade, which means I have to deal with DTP software like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Publisher, etc.). I learned the tricks of shading and coloring from that PSD file (with the layers on), which came from VF-11C_side_template.rar (and thus served as a tutorial template), and from there produced my own profiles. So I owe hellohikaru big-time for providing the necessary learning materials. Furthermore, the lineart inspired me to go see the Macross saga again, and to explore more; I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the work of others in this thread.
  12. Alas, Frontier, at the moment, is the current golden-egg-laying goose; it could've been more profitable and creative for them to try at least go further by looking into other unexplored parts of the saga, including the aforementioned time gaps and unresolved questions in the story, by offering fanfiction writers a juicy opportunity to lay claim to those beachheads (and to be rewarded).
  13. Just for a change, here's a wallie featuring Sheryl and Ranka (1280 x 720 x 32, +700kb): Alternate Seiyuu Version:
  14. @mods: Will somebody reduce network19's image posts to thumbnails? My browser almost came close to crashing. :| Otherwise I enjoy most of the artwork presented here. Now, a crossover with a more recent show:
  15. This time today, I traced out and rendered the correct speakers and rifle, both of them being closer enough as shown in the Chronicles.
  16. Checked one of the Chronicles. Turns out that the speaker set that I rendered was way far different from what was in the publication, so I'll have to revise the speakers. Ditto with the Dragunov. Also, I'll have to study in close detail those FAST packs and armor packages, as Ozma's winged predator will be next.
  17. After reading the (rather perplexing) first chapter, I'd like to see the rest... But it can't beat the Marimite (Maria-sama ga Miteru) manga adaptation.
  18. One question now nags me: just how much "canon" this manga is sticking to? So far IMHO this is the only official publication that discusses about Sheryl's background. OBTW, the official site: http://betsufure.net/lineup/sheryl/ EDIT: Oh, damn. Didn't know that Kawamori is on it. http://myanimelist.net/manga/20077/Sheryl_~Kiss_in_the_Galaxy~/moreinfo http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-05-28/macross-frontier-movie-launches-shojo-manga-series
  19. I see. I'll be careful after this one; will have to study the heads in closer detail. Making profiles, I realized, is just as intricate as assembling a model, yet a joy to behold once done with the finished product. OBTW, the problem with the rather tricky sniper rifle is finding its exact placement and measurement; with only a few pics that showed the Dragunov in different angles (I can't seem to find the proper lineart for it), I had to check to see how long the rifle was, how much higher it needs to be recessed upward, onto the belly hardpoint in order to allow clearance for the landing gear, and so on.
  20. soul.assassin

    Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    The following are, in addition to some of my finished VF-25 profiles, are bits and pieces of optional add-ons (both lineart and finished) for the VF-25 Messiah series. Any member is entitled to freely use or alter the assemblies as they wish for their artwork -- credits are optional.
  21. From the album: Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    Final and corrected version of this profile, which includes the SSL-9B Dragunov rifle and the Firebomber hardpoint-mounted speaker set.
  22. From the album: Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    Mike's sniper rifle. Can be adjusted depending on the size of the profile.
  23. From the album: Finished VF-25s + Profile Assemblies

    For all VF-25 variants; can only be mounted on any of the four wing hardpoints. Can be adjusted as needed.


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