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  1. latest new episode of Futurama had them do part of futurama spoofing anime of the 70s early 80s. when ever the aliens attacked and were destroying ships/buildings they were using music from the original macross series!!!!!! had me literally rolling on the floor hysterical with laughter.
  2. on mangafox.com there is a manga about sheryl nome called kiss in the glaxay. the first volume is about sheryl as a child on the Galaxy.
  3. what if for the next macross series they base the idol on lady gaga? complete with hermaphrodite rumors and androgynous appeal; but minus the lame cross dressing of mospeda.
  4. can we at least agree D-9 is better then most american movies made in the past few years?
  5. district 9 was brilliant. so was the new star trek movie. i can't even stand most new movies made in america.
  6. GM is leaving court protected bankruptcy monday. stock is at 75 cents american a share. i know there will be a small spike at first but if gm can't get its butt out of the fire ford is going to be the last american car make. chrysler hasn't been since the daimler buyout
  7. ah the SRT-4 the disposable race car. Chinese made cars are rubbish unless they got huge support from a foreign manufacture or stole from a foreign company.
  8. i have lived in japan for 3 years and will be living in this wonderfull country for another 3. as far as i have heard and been told the age of consent in japan is 18 in most prefectures even if the federal law is 13. prefecture law will overide. back on topic. i don't mind muscle on women i just draw the line at she hulks
  9. General Motors filed for bankruptcy, good luck selling your chevy, caddy, pontiac, gm, saturn, oldsmobile, buick, hummer on the used car makret now.
  10. F-35 booooo! TOMCATS FOREVER! i mean the plane can track and launch missles at 6 targets a 100 miles away at the same time how can you not love that? the SV-51 is by far the largest of the variable fighters only the koenig monster is bigger.
  11. all the talk about southern cross and no one has posted a pic of that @#$% tank hero mecha
  12. I'll buy one when they redesign the horrible landing gear. Untill then Yammies forever!
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