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  1. So it's 50/50 or a 5/10. I'll not be surprised if you kept on your rose-tinted lenses while saying DYRL was one true masterpiece of the whole franchise.
  2. Woke up this morning after watching, and yet I still have this nice buzz. It really helps to see it again, to catch the little details that I missed on the first viewing. Yeah, again I can't say much but I'm more happier with the conclusion, now that I finally understood. Roger that!
  3. Tried that package for a second watching, and it worked perfectly, with no hiccup with the sync! Now I was able to understand, and after the credits rolled, I can also say, this one story rocked my galaxy! BTW, I found that little yet magnificent hint....
  4. Any Video Converter is okay to a limit, as it doesn't include all the fancy stuff the subbers have on their MKVs. To encode the vid as seen on the MKV, I'm afraid you'll have to take the hard way by using several tools... unless you pick up Handbrake. For now, I'll wait for the low-res version..
  5. ^ I wish Macronized Klan also be cosplaying as Sei Satou (Marimite).
  6. Thought I would like to listen to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darktown_Strutters'_Ball while reading this but Chapter 5's great. And I'm thinking a lot more... about the likes of B.B. King and Aretha Franklin. Nothing's better than flashin' a Zentran with some good soul music.
  7. Here's one for SCOOPDA today: http://www.animenews...7-blu-ray-discs
  8. NBGI should've thought up of this idea instead.
  9. This is the Wikipedia copypasta that I mentioned about earlier (*spoiler warning*)
  10. Can't say much, but a bigger version is now out there. Addendum: from a careful study of a screenshot, I was astonished that portions of the characters' profiles from Wikipedia were copy-pasted onto one of the scenes.
  11. Over at MAL's discussion thread on the movie, I lol'd at the debating shippers trying to justify themselves even as we have known for long enough who is Alto's number one woman. I am highly satisfied with the conclusion, that all debts have been paid, and the great journey took me to an emotional roller-coaster ride of close-in, frantic furballs and high-octane, soul-stirring singing, has come to a peaceful end. *Takes out a bottle of Vat 69, uncorks it and fills every shotglass, before picking up one for himself* May I raise a toast to those who have survived, and glad to witness by their eyes a wonderful saga of love, redemption, balls-to-the-wall courage, stirring ballads and homing micro-missiles.... Kampai!
  12. Only after watching SnT did a thought occurred to me: a possible fanfic crossover idea in the form of Puella Magi Ranka Magica.
  13. A question I would like to pose: (Vizcaya ~this is my penname~, Philippines): Should there's a dream chance for her, whom May'n would really like to sing a duet with onstage (other than longtime friends like Megumi Nakajima)? Message: Thank you and your moving songs; you know best how to bring down the house and set the stage on fire with your class-act performances.
  14. I'm done watching... and I'm damn glad that it's one helluva ride, full of crazy twists and turns, moments of awesome and heartbreak. To those involved... Cheers!
  15. Got started last night on Stein's Gate. Goofy first episode.
  16. Just when I was gearing up for SnT, well, I checked my Facebook this morning and found out that Mari Iijima's bunny has a serious condition. Damn. :| Hope he becomes okay coming out of that crisis.
  17. ^ All that makes me think about going out to watch Real Steel.
  18. Actually I found Perfect Blue much better to watch, as it's also a look into the world of the Japanese pop star, replete with warts and all, issues with management and fans, the peer pressure and expectations, the cut-throat competition, sexuality, growing up, and of course, pop references. Besides, there's nothing more than being up on the edge of my seat, witnessing Junko Iwao's character/voice having to deal with the blood-curdling terror which would've driven the weak-willed to go jump off the building.
  19. Makes me think of Tupac and dozens of his posthumous singles. Ah well, let's look forward to watching the real-deal Macross Frontier movie from the other side of the pond. That's a better idea.
  20. Had a great one with Perfect Blue, albeit Black Swan had some hot yuri sechs added. That was Junko Iwao's best voice acting ever.
  21. Too much blatant praise for that man, conveniently whitewashing the fact that they're tottering at the edge. Meanwhile we look forward to seeing Sayonara no Tsubasa, which will never be in the hands of the "squatters".
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