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  1. Um, to be more precise... http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=13805
  2. If there's anything this show can't do, for some cynical viewers they wouldn't want to buy into the idol franchise altogether because they feel it's a nice marketing ploy to sell more records (but again it's not new but it's always been the case even before 0048 -- we have seen Eva's rather ridiculously huge merchandising catalog), and then there's a gap between hardcore anime fandom and hardcore idol fandom, and culture-wise they clash with each other like football fans of opposing teams. @miles: that episode was the "almost-wham" episode. Shellshocked?
  3. Noticed that. Also if you change Nagisa's hair color to green, you get Ranka. BTW, her VA sounds like a ringer for Nakajima.
  4. I think you picked up the trollsub version; try Evetaku instead... then everything makes sense. If you guys wonder WTH actually came up with this idea, about a year and a half ago it began with Starchild Records' Toshimichi Otsuki, who then came to Kawamori and then told him of this great idea about a crew of futuristic idols as freedom fighters. Next thing they got Okada aboard and took the whole thing seriously, creating a draft script, and after two weeks they walked up to AKB's creator Yasushi Akimoto (FYI, he wrote One Missed Call the novel before it became a movie) and handed him over the script. They weren't sure if the old geezer would take the whole scheme seriously... Akimoto was hooked, liked the script (by his own standards as a writer, songwriter and screenwriter himself), and he liked the notion of "succession" and so he gave them the green light to begin crafting out a real show, using the names and likenesses of real-life AKB members as legacy (supporting) characters, and the newbie (main) characters to be voiced by selected AKB/NMB/SKE members. The rest was history.
  5. Fixed. SVMA-214 Black Sheep Rev. 2 SVAQ-48 Baby Blossom Rev. 2 (detailing WIP) with AN/SALQ-199 jammer pods and Space Paveways
  6. I've seen worse in my lifetime, shows that were visually greater than that and begin so amazing, but in the end crashes and burns with a screwed-up conclusion. There are, however, those rare shows that are stupidly ugly or generic or utterly incomprehensible to begin with, but after several weeks turn themselves into self-redeeming masterpieces. And as far as this season is concerned, there's too many saucer-plate eyes and SOS premises that I have selected that Okada-scripted show (I want story more than just eye candy, despite the obvious cheesiness and OKADA, and see how far it'll go), Space Brothers, Kids on the Slope, the new Lupin III miniseries, Polar Bear Cafe, and Mysterious Girlfriend X. Anyone unaccustomed to (or despise) full-blown j-pop by the dozen may not enjoy watching AKB0048, unless one's willing to do some homework (this includes listening to their music), then slog through 3 episodes with an iron stomach, open eyes, ears and mind before passing judgment. If you survive it, drinks are on me. ---- BTW, my copy of SDFM -- all 36 episodes of Ishiguro masterclass -- is ready for this weekend's viewing.
  7. Found this while looking for "No Trespassing" signs, and had a laugh. SMS Security Inc. http://smssecurityin...le_security.php
  8. We could debate further about this or whether NUNS has a Marine contingent (or an Air Force), but as all I have seen are aircraft with NUNS painted on the legs, that's what I had to come up with instead, based on what I came across HH's older VF-11 profiles.
  9. Since I've seen only the Wake Island Avengers... This thread also has to call in the Black Sheep.
  10. I did. This is one of those rare diamonds in the rough. Just as promised, the first episode delivered everything, and tonight I have episode 2 lined up.
  11. Mind you, this show (and Space Brothers, for this season) has a lot of high quality, from staff to looks. With Aya Endo voicing as one of the characters. Check. With Yoko Kanno working on the soundtrack. Check. Be sure to brush up on some jazz knowledge, unless you've got this musical genre flowing right through your veins (and Japan is very big on jazz).
  12. Done watching the first episode of Space Brothers... Next best thing since The Right Stuff and Space Cowboys, but with 30somethings, no service, no high school teenagers, excellent artwork and story, and realistic character designs.
  13. Evaluation of winter 2012 anime that I've seen: Rinne no Lagrange: 8/10 Another: 6/10 Nisemonogatari: 7/10 Moretsu Pirates (first 12 episodes): 9/10
  14. I apologize to say this, but given your bias, I guess it's the end of this thread here.
  15. You're not the only one feeling completely skeptical. Judging from my observations on various fora and news blogs, both ordinary anime fans and AKB wota aren't happy with the PV and expecting it to be less than stellar. Also, it's one of the least anticipated shows for the Spring season, as evidenced in Biglobe's polls by the prevalence of adapted works over originals. However, we'll never know until it airs next month. Again, Kawamori's throwing the dice on this, with lots of chips stacked on the table.
  16. Offtopic somewhat, but after six years at the top of the game, Atsuko Maeda finally threw in the towel: she's "graduating". http://www.tokyohive...ion-from-akb48/ I wish her luck out in the real world. This incident, however, isn't going to affect the production.
  17. Idols throwing bombs while singing... check. Idols fighting off riot cops... check. Idols piloting mechs, dodging incoming anti-idol missiles from Quaedluun clones.... check. I'm in.
  18. It's embarrassing! Honestly, Hollywood's increasing trend to pick up childhood properties (not to mention the license-holder prodding so) is an unfortunate sign of creative stagnation; WTH they're seeing, dollar signs? And Bay.... wow, is he a masochist who's not fazed about burning criticism heaped against his works? If so, I think he just kicked Wee Bool (is that his name? ) for the top spot.
  19. To mark Kawamori's entry into the pop-music universe of Yasushi Akimoto and his girls (and for a bit of humor; I couldn't help but make this to get it off my head), here's a sideview of one A/C from SVAQ-48:
  20. *raises his glass full of Jack Daniel's* To the man who created masterworks that set the standard of his day, and hopefully even today, I raise my glass in thanks, for everything and childhood memories that endure even to this day. Godspeed. *drinks the whole glass, then tosses it into the fireplace*
  21. Dunno if this qualifies as news, but some limited-edition MF artwork (mostly genga reproductions; A4-size, all for 6000yen apiece) to be made available at TAF2012. http://www.satelight.co.jp/news/category/post_002234.php
  22. Sorry for bumping, but the recent Oricon posting now includes some screenshots, a bit of cosplay, and a full report. Also, I forgot to realize that Mikan Ehime and Risa Ebata are one and the same. :heh:
  23. Gonna give this show a shot, especially after Another 11... need to clean out my head.
  24. ^ Yeah, Another 11 left me swearing loudly; gone completely postal after 10 episodes of seemingly smart pacing, threatening to come too close to the last two episodes of Blargh-C (wondering if the director has a knack for apocalyptic amount of gore).
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