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  1. I thought the RX-78-3 was built out of spare parts left over from when Amuro destroyed the other prototypes at Side 7. Then again, the Gundam timeline is pretty messed up in parts...
  2. Mine should be shipping from HLJ soon (probably tomorrow)... And I have no idea which version I'm going to get... I'll see when it gets here!
  3. I'd just like to point out that in the original Gundam series, there was something like 8 prototype RX-78 (of multiple variants). We only really see the saga of Amuro's RX-78-2. By etension of the fact that there's 8 of them, you can assume that there's a ton of spare parts lying around to fix them when needed. The Ground Gundams are built out of those spare parts, which is why you don't see too many of them. In fact the reason why the EZ-8 exists is because of the LACK of spare parts to patch up Shiro's Gundam. ALso by another extension, the company that built the RX-78 could have developed a ground only variant (like the ones in 8th MS Team), a all round unit (the one in Gundam 0079), and a space only unit (help? ), to better convince the feddies that they needed to gain ground in MS technology. Remember, at the start of the One Year War, the feddies didn't believe in MS, and they got badly mauled because of this.
  4. You have to remember that 0083 was written after Zeta... Thus the time line can be messed up pretty badly... As for Nina not recognizing Gato when he initially stole the GP-02a, my theory is that she did recognize him and she didn't react because it was a shocking incident for her (perhaps she thought he was dead). Just a theory. But I personally liked 0083. The story wasn't too bad, and the action was great. Edit: Also, the lack of mentioning a crater may be due to the possible rebuilding that the Feddies did in the Farm belt. They may have flattened the land (somehow), and started rebuilding. Remember, Zeta takes place in about 0087 (or so... Memory's a bit fuzzy), and 0083 takes place in... 0083. But still 4 years or so is a bit short of time to rebuild an entire section of a continent...
  5. I don't think some have played the mastery of X-Wing and Tie Fighter... They're some of the best space flight sims ever. I for one am glad for the delay. Why? Simple. I'd rather wait for a perfect product than get an early product full of bugs. I can wait another month.
  6. Not exactly. They fire it off once and then it recharges. The targeted ship is disabled just long enough to be destroyed. I like the game. Personally I think the best all round unit would have to be the Torpedo frigates. 21 (the max frigates you can build) will plow its way through capital ships and fighters alike. I've also been lurking about at the Homeworld2 forums and I think I may have been one of the lucky ones in terms of bugs...
  7. I'll sum it up quickly. Anything that catches my eye and interest. Mainly Gundam, but I've been branching out towards WW2 armour, other sci-fi kits, and a few macross kits.
  8. "In some ways, I am king. Hail to the king, baby." Army of Darkness is great. Get a kick out of it all the time. Some of my Faves One hour Photo (Creepy) Star Trek The Wrath of Khan (KHHHHHAAAAAAAANNNNNN! ) Star Wars (The originals over the new stuff) Transformers the movie (Behold! Galvatron! ) Clockwork Orange (Time for a bit of the old ultraviolence) All of Miyazaki's movies (Nausicaa, Laputa etc... ) Akira (TEEEEETSSSUUUUUOOOO! ) Terminator 1-3 (I'll be back) Alien Aliens South Park: Bigger, Longer Uncut (or something like that... ) Pearl Harbour (just the battle sequences, didn't need the romance) Robocop (I'll buy that for a dollar! ) Total Recall (SCREW YOU BENNY! ) Wayne's World (Excellent! ) Army of Darkness (Good... Bad... I've got the gun. ) That's about it...
  9. If you're looking for solid mech sims to play, then the PC may be your best bet. Here's a list of some of the titles. Mechwarrior 3 (and expansion packs) Mechwarrior 4 (and expansion packs) Heavy Gear 2 (old but great) Mechwarrior Mercenaries (both the old game and the new one using MW4 engine) The downside to all of this is how much a good pc will cost you... Be prepared to set aside $1000 at least, if you're planning to put it together yourself.
  10. Heck I'm torn between a GC and a PS2. Both have games I like to play (Final Fantasy, Metroid etc), both have games that are coming out that I want to play, and I have cash lying around. I don't know about the PS2 though. When I buy a product, I expect it to work properly... Plus when I got the DC for christmas, I was quite happy with it... And then a month later Sega announced its cancellation... Oh well... At least I got a lot of the quality titles for dirt cheap! Plus Skies of Arcadia rocks. I might try out the GC version one day...
  11. Time will tell with those new and improved hip joints. I'll be picking up mine in about 2 weeks or so. I've got a friend going through machine shop, I'm tempted to ask him if he could make me a set of metal hip joints... A nice simple design ought to do the trick.
  12. While double sided tape will work, eventually the tape might lose its grip. Here's a better solution. Go out and buy some epoxy glue (for this job, you can go with 5 minute set, but the higher the set times, the higher the strength). Rough up the underside of the panel that fell out, and the the inside of the wing. Mix up some epoxy, and apply to the wing and/or panel. The roughing up is to give a better gripping surface for the epoxy. Put together, and wait about 24 hours before you handle your valk. Good as new!
  13. Just like to point out that some injuries do not show lots of blood... It's all internal. Once Roy cleaned up the initial mess (how doing it without anybody noticing I don't know), and patched his external wounds, there would be little bleeding on the outside. I'm sure if they did an autopsy they would find lots of damaged organs and lots of blood in the abdomen. Plus I don't really think that Roy's death was pointless. Like everybody else has already said, it let Hikaru grow as a character.
  14. Er... Justice League is about the DC superheroes... And it's a great show.
  15. While I did vote for smaller boxes, the big boxes have a serious advantage when it comes to shipping. Due to all that "dead space" in the box, the toy itself is more likely to show up at your door in one piece. However, shipping would be murder... It's going to cost me about $40 CDN alone just to ship a VE/VT-1...
  16. Well... Up here in Ottawa, we were supposed to get the reminants of the storm, but so far, today, all we've had was lots of wind, a spit of rain, and some sunshine. To everybody who was affected by Isabel, I hope for the best.
  17. Saw the video myself... At one point, it looks like the Spitfire nearly hit the ground. Very dangerous, but damn cool at the same time!
  18. Just picked up my copy this morning! Lots of fun, and difficult! That's the way I like it! Also, it runs fairly well on my system, and I'm only slightly above minimum specs.
  19. Wow... I thought I was the only one with a cracked 1J hip... Well... A possible fix solution would be to get some epoxy glue and put it on the outside around crack and hip joint. However, you run the risk of gluing your joint together...
  20. Hmm... well there is one I can think of... http://www.modeledom.com/ Right now he's having a sale on macross stuff... Not much but there might be something you're looking for. He's based in Ottawa (where I'm from) and I've bought from him in the past. Of course, I didn't pay shipping (as I went to a pre-determined location to pick it up), but I don't think shipping will be too expensive.
  21. Thanks! Colour doesn't really matter, as a good layer of primer and a layer of flat white will cover it up. Now to see if the Yamato Parts service thing at the top of the toys page works out...
  22. I'd thought I'd revive this thread for a single purpose. http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?TAK08230 Stop staring and PREORDER him! I've got mine!
  23. The chip socket idea would only work if all the mod chips out there were identical in physical parameters... I have no idea if they are though... Not a bad idea in any case!
  24. You got it right imode! Specifically, all I want to order is R-L1 and L-L1 of the 1:60 Yamato VF-1 series. Sorry for the confusion everyone!
  25. I've always used SAL to get my stuff from HLJ (but that may change with some large orders coming up). Generally I've experienced exactly 14 days from shipping to my grubby paws. However one shipment took a month, and I had to call Canada Post to see if they got my shipment (FYI they did, and it showed up the next day). I haven't had anything broken via SAL (thanks Yamato for all that "dead space" in the packaging! ) yet... Do the math, sometimes EMS is worth it. An example is the MG Ex-S Gundam. The SAL shipping rate is 5000 yen (at least for me... I pay the estimate). The EMS shipping rate is 5400 yen. Hmm... Pay another 4-6 bucks in shipping, and see your item in your lifetime... I think it's worth it.
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