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  1. So I missed the train and just found out about this Kits Concept thing. I really don't feel like reading 27 pages, so can anyone give me the TLDR? Do we like/want this? Thanks
  2. Awesome, thanks... Oh the face of regret... I could have gotten a box of those thing for $50 and now they're hawking them at ebay for $30 each
  3. About two years ago I was checking out a hobby shop in South Florida and by the check out register they had some surprise boxes with Macross mini models. I purchased one just to check it out and inside there was a very nice detailed VF-1A. They were about $5 a piece too... Here what it looks like. It came with a little stand, that is glued to the top of my monitor. Anyone knows: what are they called Where can we get them online how much are they going for? I soooo regret not buying the whole box...
  4. I preordered one from Toywiz for $80... Still says shipping in August. BBTS says shipping September. Can't seem to find a review anywhere on the web.
  5. It was a joke big guy... I just got a kick on how you go out of your way to bash stuff. On that particular time I was enjoying a burger with A1 sauce... and the inspiration came. It was not mean spirited, brother... my apologies.
  6. Not sure how much time y'all are willing to spend on this hunt, but here's some intel for those still looking for the Hasbro MP Soundwave. Over the last 3 days it is coming in very limited stock in between 2:00 and 3:30pm EST. I narrowed down the time based on reports at TFW2005 and Seibertron.. I missed it for a couple of days because of work, but Today I was prepared. You can use a free Chrome extention called Easy Auto Refresh... It automatically refreshes a browser window for you so you don't have to keep pressing f5 or opening a link. I set mine it to refresh every 10 seconds and
  7. For those still looking for the 18" Gipsy Danger, Toywiz preorder is $84.99. Cheapest place I could find it online.
  8. Limbo

    Is this for real?

    This is the old bait and switch trick... They got your money and suddenly the last one was sold, but don't worry, you can still buy something else on my overpriced store. I'll dispute the transaction with PayPal as item never received. A few of those and they'll get a fine and / or lose their merchant account.
  9. Limbo

    Is this for real?

    I just said f*** it and ordered 3 of them just to see what happens... Worst case I'll just dispute and charge back. I'll let you know what happens.
  10. Limbo

    1/48 Broken Canopy

    Here's a couple of pictures of the broken canopy. I think there might be enough room so glue back and put a little brace on it, however I need to get it out first!!! Anyone knows how to remove this thing?
  11. Limbo

    1/48 Broken Canopy

    Guys... the Canopy of my 1st edition 1/48 VF-1S Roy just broke off. 1) What are the chance I can get a replacement / recast for it? 2) The part that connects to the plane is still there. Anyone knows how to access it? I might try to glue it back. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. just got an HA Soundwave on ebay for $50... sucks but better than $250 once word spreads out.
  13. Can you also ask them no drop the price so I don't have to take a second mortgage?
  14. Hopefully is not a TRU exclusive. Im still in the looks for a Rodimus.
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