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  1. This is the second upper I have for my AR-10 lower. I actually bought this at a yard sale for a $100.00. It's an Intrepid Tactical RAS-12 upper receiver chambered in 12 gauge. It uses a proprietary round designed specifically for this upper. The magazine it uses is a modified 7.62x51mm PMAG and it holds 5 rounds. I'd include a picture of the ammo, but I don't have any at the moment. My dealer found me a case of 250 rounds for about $250, so it stands to reason I won't be shooting it much, especially as I found the company who made this is no longer in business. I had bought this before I found this out, but $100 is better than the people who paid over $1300 for it brand new. And since I had been looking to buy an AR-10 for quite some time, this seemed to be kind of a novelty addition to my collection.
  2. Here is my new AR-10. Just picked it up Sunday. Didn't build this one. My dealer got this for me for just under $900.00. It's a DPMS LR-308. I got rid of the cheesy butt stock and grip, updating them with a Vltor EMOD stock and Magpul grip. I really like it!
  3. Not one of the best pictures I have taken as my photo skills are pretty lame, but this is my FNH FS2000. Since one of you guys brought it up, here it is. Shoots like a dream and is really light weight. Not really much you can do to it, and there really isn't a decent sling option for this rifle. And it will only take standard USGI 30 round mags. PMAGS and others will not work without re-tooling the outward appearance of the magazine.
  4. Maryland has a 10 round limit on all magazines also, but if you go out of state and purchase them it is perfectly legal to bring them back as they are already your property. Go figure that one out.
  5. My FNH PS90 PDW, probably my favorite out of all my firearms. I'm pretty sure if the proverbial poop hits the fan scenario were to ever hit, I would choose this for one of the weapons I would take with me. Very light, easy to maneuver with despite the 16" barrel, and holds quite a bit of ammo. I've got seven 50 round magazines and about a gazillion rounds of ammo, split between Federal's 5.7x28 40 grain civilian rounds and FNH's SS198LF 5.7x28 27 grain military grade good stuff. By the way, I've tried to SBR this thing, but here in the Peoples' Republic of Maryland it's a no-go. While I had no problem with the ATF on the form, I've had nothing but trouble with the Maryland State Police. Add-ons are: Parker Mountain Machine PS90 QD Sling Mount (Came across these by accident when trying to figure out how to put a sling on this thing.) Surefire M951XM07 Weapon Light (Was on my Armalite M4 clone, but didn't want it on there any longer.) Sight Mark LoPro Mini Green Laser (Despite the relatively inexpensive cost, this laser is very well put together and tough as nails.) Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling GEN2 (I love this thing. Being a big guy, one point slings rarely fit me. This works like a charm.)
  6. I contributed to the original Animeigo Riding Bean Blu-ray project and have made a bid to the current Gunsmith Cats Blu-ray Kickstarter. Sadly, I can't do this one as I'm out of work at the moment due to a broken foot and my short term disability isn't that much.
  7. Not going to be anything special. Ordered a standard pistol build kit from Palmetto State Armory which comes standard with a Shockwave Blade pistol brace. The kit also included a Vortex SPARC AR red dot sight. I paid $249.99 for the complete kit. The red dot sight was listed at $259.00 just by itself if you bought it that way. Not too shabby, even if the sight was made in China. As for the upper, it also came from PSA. I was pretty stoked to find that the barrel was made by FNH.
  8. By the way, I just got this. It's a Ruger 22 Charger pistol. Needed a .22 for some general plinking. The damned C-More sight cost more than the gun. And I got rid of the stock A2 pistol grip and added a Magpul MOE grip, which to me feels better.
  9. My finished lower for my new AR-15. All I have left to do is wait for the upper. I'm going to go with a Stag Arms upper in .300 Blackout. What I used to assemble it is below. Spike's Tactical "SNOWFLAKE" stripped lower receiver VLTOR A5 stock kit Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 pistol grip Stag Arms lower receiver parts kit KNS non-rotational pins
  10. Spike's Tactical "Snowflake" stripped lower. Just got it today. Looking at building a .300 Blackout rifle with flat dark earth furniture.
  11. Well, it's getting closer to being released and Mr. Woodhead has issued certificates to those of us who contributed enough. Not going to show the front, but the back of the certificate is cool. And here is a pic of the screen which loads with my name. Look for the red box, that's me!
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