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  1. OK... As some of you may know, I have a damaged hip on my Super VF-1J that was released by Yamato some time ago. Some of you may also know of my lousy luck with HLJ regarding replacement parts. Now since the VE and VT 1 have been released, and the possibility of HLJ being able to get the parts, what I want to know is: 1) Can you attach the VE/VT-1's legs to the torso of the VF-1J with no problems? Pics would be nice but not needed. I'm not worried about the colour difference, as I will be repainting both hips (might as well, so they match). I want to know this before I put my order in at HLJ... The last thing I need is to find out that they're not compatible. Thanks for your help!
  2. Here's another question. Why do they do this lockout thing anyways? Is it illegal to import the Japanese version of a game... Say Final Fantasy 10? Or is it a method of maximizing their profits?
  3. Actually, I must confess... I made a Boo Boo... It'll be out Thursday, according to my local EB... Sorry to get everybody's hopes up...
  4. The only Macross 7 model I have is the VF-19 F/S. It's not really done, just parts of the torso, arms, legs etc.. have gotten the glue, putty and paint job. The real tricky part is going to be masking on the UN Spacy logos onto the wing and the main body of the plane. I'm tempted to use my Yamato stickers as quick solution... But it does look nice, even if it's scattered around my workbench.
  5. A tiny news announcement! Homeworld 2 is out today! What are you waiting for? Go to your local EB in droves and snag your copy today!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm happy to say that the LG don't have a problem when the Super Armor isn't installed, so I think I'll leave things as they are and maybe pick up a stand at some point. How did your 1J get cracked hips? Anything I should watch out for during transformation? Sorry for the delay. Anyways, my 1J suffered a hip crack while in Gerwalk mode. I was trying to give the lower legs the more inverted V formation by rotating the leg inwards. I'm not quite sure what happened, but there was this very audible crack and when I took a peek to see what happened, there was this crack in the hip joint covering (not the ball and plug). It seems stable, but it's staying in fighter mode until I can get my hands on any hip piece (colour doesn't really matter to me, I'll just repaint it to the proper colour) and fix up my damaged Yammie. In the meantime, my Max 1A has play duties.
  7. VF-19

    Whats worth getting?

    A side story. I was flipping through one of those crappy Beckett Anime mags, and I came across their top ten anime toys... Can anybody guess, for $1 Million what it was? Keep in mind that this is Beckett's main Anime mag (although a huge proportion was devoted to Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh... Which they have 2 other mags for). Personally I like the Yamato 1:60s for their overall looks and playability. While I don't have any 1:48's yet, I'm sure I'll like them too when I get one. I'm quite surprised at when Yamato sends a product out with no Q/C problems (as was the case with my Max 1A) at how tough they can be. Sure you have to be somewhat gentle when transforming it, but it can pull off some nice poses, and has a nice hefty feel to it. However, the fact that you have several removeable parts, the Yamato isn't something I'd recommend to children under at least 6-8 years old. Little parts can disappear around them.
  8. Hmm.... While superglue will hold the break, it won't be a strong bond. To fix it properly, you'll either need to order a replacement part (Probably part N4), or use an epoxy that specializes in bonding metal together (yes they do exist). Now I have that resistance problem too. What I do is I push the metal slider towards the back of the Valk as I slide the chest down. I find that it works very well for me. Being gentle in this stage is also helpful...
  9. Here's the thing. When Harmony Gold bought the rights to Macross (of the date I'm not sure), Macross' derivitives (Zero, Plus etc...) did not exist at the time. DYRL? may have existed if they've bought the rights after sometime in 1984, but that's about it. Now if the contract specifically states that Harmony Gold automatically has the rights to the sequels/derivitives, then fine. Make the contract public and let us read it too, not just the judges. Now if the contract doesn't state that Harmony Gold automatically gets the rights to the sequels/derivitives, then HG is out of luck. Of course, the contract could also state that HG gets first dibs on the sequel. Still... It makes me wonder about how Tokyopop got the liscence to publish Macross 7 Trash...
  10. Now here's something funny... One of the posters at Robotech.com honestly thought that it was a fan site... I won't give his/her name because I don't think the person deserves any more embarresment... Do I think HG is being very restrictive in it's liscence. Yes. But I understand that they are a company trying to sell their own products...
  11. I too voted for the mixture. Diecast and plastic both have their perks and flaws. And I like the mixture in my 1:60 Yamatos!
  12. Well... If you aren't satisifed with how bright the LEDs are in the upcoming Optimus Prime, you can always replace them with superbright LEDs. That is, of course, you feel confident dissasembling such a masterpiece... It looks bright enough for me! Can't wait for it to go on pre-order at HLJ. My parents might be pissed (and I'm 22... Still in school, and housing's expensive), but I'll be happy! I might even try scratchbuilding a non-transforming trailer.
  13. Relax. I already said I wasn't going to go and cause mayhem on the boards over there... But I do find it amusing that they consider the FAST packs to be an armour system... Personally I don't consider it to be armour. Especially not with all that fuel and exposives right underneath the outer shell...
  14. VF-19....just to back up what others have said....please do NOT do this. While I am not really a Macross fan (Im a Robotechie and a Southern Cross fanatic), I can guarantee you that it will cause a further slide in relations between MacrossWorld and Robotech.com. Not only that, your account will be banned at Robotech.com......and you will most likely not be allowed other places where the .Commers congregate on the web because you will have earned a reputation as an arsehole. As others on this webpage can attest, this kind of stuff has happened before in the past with almost disastrous results. Not only does it eat up bandwith at BOTH sites (when one group 'retaliates' against the other) but it causes a great deal of hurt feelings. This is Shawn's website and Im not too certain that he would be keen to have to go through this crap again. Im not trying to be harsh or to do the Mods job for them....Im just trying to save everyone some grief. Robotech fans and Macross fans can learn to get along. Relax... I'm not actually going to go and do it. I'm not really the type who goes and makes a huge scene... Unless I feel as if I'm legitametly being ripped off by the company. Then I'll take it to the company. Not the fans.
  15. I tried to ask at the Admin forum concerning Yamato, and they've just deleted my thread again... I'm tempted to just go over there and piss them off... I at least deserve an answer from them, not another deleted thread...
  16. Just saw the episode... It was ok... But Star Trek really need to improve beyond seeing T'pol topless...
  17. Well... You could use some very small pieces of double sided tape to help the landing gear stay in place, but the more... extreme solution would be to go and take apart the nose and legs and use clear nail polish to thicken up the landing gear joints. I've got the same 1J as you do, and it holds up just fine in fighter mode... It's just that it suffers from mechaosteoperosis... AKA cracked hips.
  18. 1) Because United States Law is funny that way. people can buy as many as they want from overseas, and then resell them, because then, it's their property, and HG can't really touch them, IIRC. 2. Yes. they are that paranoid. They released the MPC last year, and tried to do everything to make it the only game in town. 3) Because they are legitimate merchandise, as much as HG would like to deny it, and if they start strongarming Toyfare (which can be a large source of word of mouth) it'd be like biting the hand that could potentially feed it. BTW: Wrylac, WDC, as interesting as the "what is the sound of one hand clapping" routine is, the mods are probably going to get annoyed pretty soon. Regarding #2... I think it's because they've realized how much nicer the Yamatos look in comparison to the MPCs... Not to mention possibly cheaper (depends on where you live and if you got it on sale or not)...
  19. Whatever the case, I'm happy with my Yamatos... I never liked the MPCs... Can't pin it down, but the Yamatos look more "right" and appealing to me.
  20. I do think you're right. http://www.fighter-planes.com/groot/f100.jpg Here's a pic of a F-100... The nose does seem to match.
  21. I've been leafing through this thead and I've got several questions: 1) Why is it that Yamato can't release the VF-1s (and others) abroad, yet I've got 2 Yamato VF-1s (Max 1A, and a Super Hikaru 1J) sitting in my room? The 1J was purchased at a store in Canada, and the 1A was shipped from Japan to my house from HLJ? 2) I signed up on the Robotech MB (just to poke my nose in there and have some... FUN! ), and I mentioned Yamato, and the topic got deleted... Why? Is HG really paranoid that people will find out about the Superior (depends on the opinion) transformable fighters from Yamato? 3) How the heck is magazines like Toyfare is able to publish photos of "so called illegal" merchandise from Yamato (like the 1:48 1S)? I'm so confused...
  22. Not to mention you can have store more 12.7 mm rounds in the same area than larger caliber rounds...
  23. If your digi cam has an autofocus feature, you'll need to figure out where the target is. For example, in the first pic, it focused on the tail section and the background images. Some autofocus work in the way of partially depressing the "Take picture" (sorry don't know the proper name) button, and you wait a second or so while the computer figures out the proper focus based on the distance from the lense to the target. What you can do to help with the focus is to zoom in until the valk fits neatly into the frame and center the main body of the valk in the picture. Partially depress the photo button, and wait for the focus, and then if you want, shift the camera around while the button is partially depressed. The picture will stay in focus (as long as you don't move the camera closer or further), and then when things are just right, take a picture! BTW Nice valk!
  24. Perhaps the 12.7 mm minigun doesn't rely on the size of the round, but rather the round composition, and round velocity... If you get a 12.7 mm round going fast enough, it will do some serious damage, as it will concentrate all of it's force onto a 12.7 mm circular area. Not to mention, if you make that round out of depleted uranium (sorrry if there's a misspell in there), it will ignite when it hits the target (yes it does, that's what M1 tank rounds are made out of, and they burn). Just my 2 cents on the matter.
  25. There are two floating head pictures at this site. http://www.eburg.com/~philipmw/patrick/fun...nnymacross.html I don't think either of them are the one everybody's searching for, but it's better than nothing.
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